Saturday, December 30, 2006

It is finished!

I am done, I cast off the top down cardigan about 10 minutes ago. I sort of spent my whole afternoon working on it, but now it is done. I do have to weave in my ends and block it, but the knitting is done!

Friday, December 29, 2006

So much to knit, so little time.

I am not a big fan of the holidays, I usually get really crabby by Christmas. This year was no exception. With the death virus, 3 basketball tournaments and 3 swim meets the Saturdays before Christmas. Things were a bit tense at our house. But now Christmas has come and gone. The gifts have been given, (some exchanged) the cookies eaten and the cards have stopped arriving. The best part of Christmas 2006? Well, there was that solo on Christmas eve by AJ's brother, there was the prime rib on Christmas day, the new wedding band is going to be pretty cool. But the best part??? The knitting. I have had (taken?) so much time to just sit and knit. It has been so relaxing to curl up on the couch with GBT and MT and knit. My sweater is coming along nicely and this one I think I may wear. My mittens are 3/4's done and will be beautiful (even if I do say so myself). I have made 3 trips to yarn stores in 3 days, attended a guild meeting and MJ's holiday knitting party. What more could a girl want?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I simply could not resist

I ordered it for the lake. I really could not resist. It was on sale!!!! A knitting board game. I mean . . . really . . . I had to have it.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Knitting

Merry Christmas! While the rest of the world is stressing out making some big meal and worrying about holiday guests, not us. I am wearing my "Chicks with Sharp Sticks" shirt and spending the day knitting with my daughters. GBT is on her 4th or 5th try to make mittens that flip for her "boyfriend" by the time she finishes them, they will have broken up. MT is working on her bandage for the lepers. They may find a cure before she finishes. I am working on the top down cardigan and a pair of mittens. I can not think of a better way to spend the holiday.
I hope Santa found everyone and brought each member of the Guild exactly what she wanted.

Friday, December 15, 2006

No Reptiles Allowed

From the BEACH SIDE (CB)
We were going for walk. (ASJ and myself. make CT & NK go for a walk at least once a day. Force them. Yes they whine and complain, but they do comply.) We decided to walk on the beach. Once the decision was made to walk on the beach CT & ASJ needed to go back to the cabin, it was something like needing sandals or sweat shirts. Not sure really, which it was. Anyway, NK and myself stayed down on the beach to wait for ASJ & CT. Suddenly screams were heard. Now these were not little sissy screams, these were Big Girl Screams. The kind that makes your hair on the back of your neck stand up. I very calmly turned to my friend NK and said one word "snake." Unbeknownst to myself or the rest of the guild, apparently CT has a deathly fear of snakes (completely understandable if you knew the story), and apparently I had forgotten to mention that every once in awhile you might see a snake around the end of the drive sunning itself (in my defense I had no idea she was afraid of snakes or I would have mentioned it). Now . . . .
CT and I were happily skipping up to the cabin to change attire. It was a beautiful day on the Island. The kind of day that makes a person want to scream with excited anticipation of all the joys this particular day will bring. The kind of day which arrives with great chilliness, which is slowly burned off by the summer sun. The sky was brilliant, the air was crisp, and we were vacationing sans children (not one of the 12 anywhere in sight!). Anyway, I was giddy with excitement and we were deep in conversation on our way up from the beach. We had just crossed the road and were on the driveway, when CT began screaming. And we're not just talking screaming, but a deep blood-curdling scream that pierced the air and engulfed both of us. I took a split second to jump back and look around, expecting a bear, or a man with a gun. Not seeing anything like that, I asked "what—what—what— what????? A bear?" CT shook her head "no" and tried to speak but couldn't. I asked again if it was a bear (my thought process is not quite as clairvoyant as CB's) as her screams gave way to gasps of "a, a, a, a sss." By this time I could see that she was in distress (takes me awhile, but I eventually catch on) and was hyperventilating. So, I started saying "exhale ----exhale----exhale----a snake???" Oh, then her head bobbed. So, I looked around, and I couldn't see a snake. So, I said, "I don't see a snake." (That worked well) She pointed toward the road, amid gasps of " th th there." So, I walked back to the road, and as I came to the spot where the driveway to the cabin goes over the culvert for the ditch, the screams returned, together with sobs and jumping up and down while pointing. Bless CT's heart, she didn't want that snake to get me! I said, "It's gone." CT didn't quite believe me that the snake was gone, so I walked in the ditch on both sides of the driveway. Now, I'm not a big fan of snakes either, and screaming kinda scares me, so I made sure there were no more snakes. By this time CT had gained control and was merely crying and saying "no, no, no, no, no..." Then she explained the reasons behind her deep fear of snakes, and I not only understood, but I was right with her on the fear part. So, we went to the cabin and took a very long time changing our clothes, or footwear, or whatever it was we were changing. On our walk back to the beach, I went ahead of CT, with my eyes totally focused on the ground, looking for that one snake which inhabited the Island. That snake had gone into hiding and will most likely never be seen again.

The moral of story . . .
We will be checking in the future before CT strolls down the driveway to the beach that said "snake" is not sunning it self on the end of the driveway. We already have a detailed plan of how we will walk down to the beach to protect our friend CT (actually it looks a like football play).
P.S. I also feel that I should mention that there have been times when said "snake" (sure if you want to believe there is only one snake on the island, I’ll back you up) has sunned it self on the step, for the shed in the back of the cabin. Forewarned is forearmed!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two weeks before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas and all through the house
Not gift wrapped or cookie for my spouse.
The children made lists with such care,
but going to the mall, I do not dare.
The cards are still in a box,
next to the yarn for some socks.
The tree is up, but not an ornament in sight
thank goodness the fake thing came with a built in light.
I feel rushed and confused,
my credit card I will abuse.
Perhaps this year my letter will get to St. Nick.
Lord knows I need him to arrive quick.
Perhaps I should get to work, not a moment to spare,
The holidays will come with great fanfare.
So no more complaints or fear,
the holidays of our Lord's birth are near.
To the mall I will go,
children and husband in tow.
Gifts I will give,
to those with whom I live.
So shop, bake, address and mail times four
because the holidays are upon us once more.

It's Coming

Ready or not. It is coming. And I am unready. Not even close. Oh well. So it goes. Shopping and baking, wrapping and sending. It all needs to be done. It will happen, just not sure when or how. Somehow it always does manage to get done. So I'm going with the flow (it's my new CB is now Type B Persona!) The Boy wants a cable for his XBox 360, The Girl says she really does not need anything (I know, not normal for a 14 year old), and The Boy Version 2 wants a Nintendo WII. Yeah right. This is so shades of the Teacher Barbie debacle of 1996, (I shudder to think of it).

The Christmas Knitting is actually going quite well, that could be because I started in May. Socks and slippers. Easy, squeezy. I love socks and slippers.

Though it is not a good photo (I will try again) this is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. It has been in my family for three generations (if you count my kids four). I have three of them, similar, all made by my Great Aunt Ruth. When they were first married, money was short so she made her own ornaments. The three I have (I treasure them) are all that remain. They carry so much history. They are resoundingly simple. Egg cartons, painted gold, with beads glued on. In each one a treasure is hidden. The one above is a little white decorated tree (made from some brush she had available). The second holds a gold angel and the third a simple red glass ball. These are what I hold dear. There is one for each one of my children. And not so oddly enough, my children understand how important they are to me. They have heard the stories of these ornaments for years. How as a child, every year I watched them go on the tree. I could tell they were important by how my mother treasured them. How thrilled I was the year she gave them to me.

Well I need to get busy. Make a baking list and felt some slippers and hope they dry by Friday!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Love the t-shirts, thanks for designing them CB. You are ubber talented. Now we have less to pack for the island. We can all match. I will be wearing one when we do lunch and to the next guild meeting that should be held very soon! We shall have to discuss this in detail.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yarn is like Tupperware

You know how it goes, you have leftovers and you can find the container, but not the lid. You have a lid, but no darn container for it. What is up with that? I discoverd that yarn is a lot like tupperware. I was kniting back and forth, back and forth on this top down cardigan, (I must be feeling better) I decided to start a pair of mittens. So off the my yarn cabinet (built for me by my son) I went. I have no yarn!!! I have scraps of Galway from a jillion pairs of felted clogs. I have left over yarn from mittens, but not enough to start a new pair. I went to my secret location (if I post the location, it won't be secret anymore) and still no yarn for a new project. What is up with this nonsense! What is wrong with me? I need help from the Guild. The only answer is.....a yarn adventure!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Beach

Oh yes, the BEACH. I remember all too well the warm summer sun and the island pace. Gotta love the Island Pace! Anyway, I'm ready and willing to try stick my feet in the lake. I think if I wear all of my knitted feet items, I'll be warm enough for a couple of seconds. And, I really think that what G-ma Beck wants for Christmas is to winterize the cabin for us. A nice wood stove would work well. I'd definitely give it a try! We could snowshoe and knit, snowshoe and knit etc. Thanks for all your blogging CB. I'm really on to this stuff now (gasp, choke, strike dead because of lying). Love ya all,

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Beach

Remember the beach . . . since my only winter sport is knitting I am not that enamored of the below freezing and bloody frigid (damn I need more socks) cold. Brrrr. Somebody turn up the heat!
Knitting this weekend was pretty non exsistent. Between homework projects that needed supervising, work (Saturday), and please explain why to me when I was sick I promised the The Girl I would take her and her friend to the mall on Sunday???? Anyway, my weekend was shot. My Christmas knitting is giving me the evil eye (at the very least it is looking at me in a very petulant manner). So back to slippers, socks, hats and mittens I go. The cardigan is will have to wait.
The works in progress have left. I am trying to get something else on the side a bit more stimulating, but it is being difficult. So instead of taxing my brain any further I going back to knit.
CT . . . hope you get a good night sleep, and feel better in the morning. ASJ, we need to get you on line!! NK, talk to you tomorrow. Good night girls!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Can't Take Them Anywhere

Because it was requested . . . a memory from the first ever "Out Of State Yarn Shopping Expedition."

Imagine the shock & disbelief (not really, but it sounds good) as we glanced down the length of Needlework Unlimited (as seen in photo) and saw two chicks (neither with the first name of Cindy), one on her hands and knees, grasping and grabbing at yarn spilling and rolling across the floor of the shop, and the other bending over and giggling. Every time she bent over, yarn spilled out of her arms and rolled across the floor (apparently she could not find any HANKS of yarn to buy). Really, can you see it? NK looked like she was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard, poor ASJ was trying her damnedest to corral the yarn as it rolled every which way across the floor.

What was a guild member to do? Now let me back up a bit. This happened to be the "Yarn Hop" weekend. There were literally hundreds of knitterly types flocking to seven yarn stores in the twin cities. You get the picture, the store was crowded. Now CT and I (with all the tact we could muster), yelled across to them to ask them kindly what on God's green earth they were doing. I mean really, we were hoping this would be an annual event. It certainly wouldn't look good if they would never allow us back in the store, let alone the state.

CT and I scurried across the store as quickly as we could, because they already have enough people gawking at them. We needed to get the situation under control. It took three of us to corral the yarn If I remember correctly we picked up a couple of balls of yarn and put them in the basket she was holding (because we gave it to her), but because she was laughing so hard, when she bent over, and you guessed, right back on the floor. CT swiped the basket out of her hands, put it in the middle of the floor and we scooped the renegade yarn back into the basket. We then helped our friend ASJ up off the floor. Both laughing so hard they could not speak a word between them.

Oddly enough, the polite staff of the shop did not find this behavior odd (maybe her pirate hat was on too tight) and we were not escorted out of the shop.

Yeah, we will do that trip again next year. We already have our hotel picked out. But we are definitely going to have to split up the bobbsey twins whilst shopping.

Y Turn!

Friday . . . Amen. There were three of us last night at Purly Gates. We were grateful our very intelligent sick friend decided to stay at home and rest. Smart Cookie. However we would have been more impressed if you had stayed at home today (I am just saying . . . ) Any Who.

I have been thinking of the Lake Story to post. I want to do the snake story, but I think it is best that we are all together to do that. After all, two of us were down on the beach, all I said on the beach was "Must be a snake."

However, "The Yarn Store Drive By" would also be an interesting choice. So here it goes . . .

As we traveled north without the encumbrances of spouses and children, and heavy on the yarn, we enjoyed conversation and Dairy Queen treats. (Side Note, ASJ knows where every Dairy Queen is in whole states). Traveling north on HWY 63, we approached Cable, WI. A small village to be sure. As we were tooling along and talking, three voice screaming in unison (imagine my flinching/jumping driving a Yukon XL, probably in excess of 55 miles per hour)

"Pines & Needles Yarn Shop" Y-TURN!!!!! Now knowing my friends (the chicks) desperately need yarn, what could I do, but immediately find the next road (it was a left, and all four wheels were on the road) to turn around and go back. Imagine much laughing and shrieking and such mayhem. Any way, as I prepared to back out on to the highway, I asked my com padres, if the highway was clear, free to go, no traffic. They all chirpily replied "Yes." So as I back out onto the the highway, more yelling, apparently a rather large logging truck had just come around the bend and was heading towards the back of the Yukon where the swift was stored. No wanting any damage to come to said swift (it was last year's Christmas Present from my husband), or the chicks I naturally tromped down on the gas pedal, zoomed back up the highway a short distance, plunged the Yukon to the left into said parking lot of Pines & Needles Yarn Shop
Did I mention the Noro was "Buy One Get One Free."

No Purly Gates for me

Well, I missed Purly Gates again last night, I just could not bring myself to go. By the time I went to the visitation, ms swim meet (@ Chip) and got the girl off to bb practice, I was pooped. I did knit, but at home on my couch snuggled up in not one, but 2 blankets. I have come to the point in the top down cardigan that I feel the need to push onward. I feel like there is "light at the end of the tunnel". Was the guild well represented at Purly Gates last night?
What time is the meeting on Sunday?
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Who needs friends when you have The Guild!

Thank you fellow guilders for the lovely and thoughtful birthday cake and gift certificate to TB.
What's a girl to do, but shop and knit. The only thing better would be to shop and knit on the Island!
Thank you very much, maybe the Guild can gather and help me spend my gift!

Oh, Oh!

Arrived home on Saturday afternoon. Two thirds of the way home I decided I was not feeling very good. Getting sick. How intuitive of me! The BOY and arrived home about 2:30. I took a shower and went to bed with the chills and nausea. In the middle of the night, The Boy got it. We both spent Sunday sleeping. Not a great day by any means.

I am off to work this a.m., The BOY, will remain home. He is supremely unhappy about it. Does not want to miss anymore school. BTW, I need to inform his history teacher that I overheard The Boy discussing his Vietnam class with some relatives, he was expounding on how much he has learned and that it was an enjoyable class (you didn't hear it from me.)

Is GT still here? Or has the she traveled north already???? Two projects, she is such an overachiever, makes the rest of us look bad. And now she is doing cables?

Well I need to go dry my hair and get dressed. Which will use up about all the energy I have. Have not knit at all . . . :-(

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Ok, so the big T-day is over. All went well at the Taylor house. The food was good and the company was fun. Z and J had to work at 5:30 this morning. I baked 60 peach sour cream muffins for him to take to work. The girls and I hit the mall, (yes, I went to the mall!) at 8. It was not busy. We walked right up at Old Navy, no waiting. We were done bargain hunting by 11:30. I guess I go to the wrong stores because it was not nuts out there. I did not know I needed so much stuff. I wish TB had a deal today.
GT has finished a pair of pretty pink mittens for anther college friend. That is 2 projects in one break. I continue to plug along on my scarf and cardigan.
The dog from HE*&^ is still here and still up to no good, now he has added flipping the garbage to his resume. Lovely beast!
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and day after. When does the guild meet again?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks NK

A big guild thank you to NK for teaching GT and I to cable this afternoon. You can always count on the guild!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One sock finished!

Short report, one deer dead (my brother's), one sock finished, Ryan saw a BIG deer, could not get a shot at it (very depressed).

Other than that nothing much is new. Ron and kids are doing fine. Megan runs a tight ship, yeah Meg!

Have not touched the top down cardigan . . . focusing on socks. Miss you all! Take care.

The tie that binds

Clearly CB is the glue holding the guild together. Since she is out of circulation, the communication has been very limited. I eagerly check the blog hoping to hear from anyone, but alas, nothing.
GB and I went to TB yesterday and she bought yarn for hats and mittens for her college friends. She is more than half done with a "Where's Waldo" inspired hat. I am about half done with my scarf for the scarf project. Should finish it up during the holiday. I did knit 4 rows on the cardigan last night, slow going, but going.
The he&* dog is still here, biting and pooping. Anyone who dies this week won't have to worry about going to hedouble hockeysticks, Satan is here on vacation, enjoying himself, pooping through out my house, so he can't admit anyone new.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

CB Beware!

Hey CB, I am to the point where you divide for sleeves on the top down cardigan. Make sure you take it off at 80 stitches and try it on. You put 20 stitches on under each arm, so 80 is plenty big. Better to test it than to have to rip.
Finished the 2nd clog with the Galaway I bought, looks the same, so that project is done. I think I will start another pair of clogs tomorrow for my a Christmas gift...I think.
Have a nice time at your parents. I hope the boy gets a deer.

Friday, November 17, 2006

On Line

I am my brother's for a little bit. Checked my email and decided to check the blog. Woot Woot! NK is on line. Yeah. Only ASJ left.

CT, WOW, you certainly are optimistic! I am so glad that your yarn matched. Check that off your list. You and NK have fun tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about it. Check out all the new yarn for me! Especially anything green.

Have fun girls.

The wrist is better

Can't wait to sit and knit with my wrist feeling 100% better! Soon I will be able to knit like the wind and finish some of my projects. Then I will be able to start the ones with the wonderful yarn that I got during the yarn hop.
I will have to finish tons before I get the next wrist done in Dec. Then watch out!
Have a wonderful and knitful weekend.
Live to knit and knit to live.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Honestly, I think that if I work hard and hit the yarn shops I can be a player in this whole knitting game. Honeslty, the advice CB gave me to get yarn to match the sheep herder stuff was good advice (she must be a hard worker). I finished the clog and the galaway I bought matches so perfectly (honestly) that I can knit the second clog. You know, this whole guild thing is a team effort, and honestly, I think the guild can be successful next summer on the Island. I think if we hit the yarn shops, put in the time and work together, there is no project too difficult for us. Honestly. I have high expectations for the guild next summer.

CB: have fun, but don't for get to work hard
NK: I know you work hard, that is what makes you a team leader
AJ: Honestly, I don't know what the guild would do without your leadership.

Ta Ta for now!

Well, I am not even close to being ready to go up north. But hopefully by tomorrow morning all of my ducks will be in a row. Here's hoping anyway. Football Banquet tonight, laundry and packing. I hope to be on the road by 9:30/10:00 tomorrow, if I can manage to get it all done.

I do have my knitting packed, top down cardigan, slippers, sock, lace scarf, and plenty of dish rag yarn when I get frustrated with all of the former items. The important stuff is packed.

CT & NK have fun on Saturday. NK looking forward to my knitting backwards lesson when I return. I will call when I get back in town. I can always leave the BOY if need be and head home. Donna & Dan will be there on Thursday and give the BOY a ride home.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (w/or w/out company). ;-)

  • CT, have a wonderful B-day, if you are celebrating it next week! Try not to finish the sweater before I return, please.
  • ASJ take it easy and rest your back.
  • NK, knit on!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CT is online

Woot! Woot! The Guild's tech support staff is amazing. I too am now on line as ME! :) As for my knitting career, I finished the socks for my MIL and they look great. They are more or less the same size, how cool is that! I have begun the seed stitch on the cardigan. No word from our sheep herding friend, so he was not ever really our friend. :( Getting ready to cast on some more clogs and maybe another multidirectional scarf! Knit to live, live to knit!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'round and 'round

I (I guess I should say we) quickly got the house in order for housekeeper day, then off I went, round and round on the foot of my sock. I will probably finish on Wednesday, her birthday is Thursday. In my mind that is on time. I am anxious to get back to my top down cardigan and felted clogs. Not to mention a multidirectional scarf! So much knitting and so little time!
NK I hope you are feeling better, I am downtown today, so I will be out of touch!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday . . .

The week is looking pretty booked. This will be the only night at home to knit. And what I am doing, typing a blog entry!

The patient seems to be recovering nicely. He is behaving, at least from what I can tell. He won't be back to work until after Christmas.

I took the top down cardigan to work and had the Yarn Teacher look at it. I had to rip the rest of it to the first row of the seed stitch. Grrrr. Actually, this past weekend I was thinking, a cable would be cool instead of seed stitch (not my favorite). So the YT says to me "You know a cable going down the front would be really cool." My thoughts exactly. So maybe I will scratch the seed stitch and come up with a ten stitch cable instead. Mirrored of course! We'll see. YT and myself are going to check our E. Lavold books to see what we can come up with. I won't have to feel guilty about not working on it for awhile, while I come up with another plan of attack. So back to the sock, and the scarf (I haven't touched it in months), slippers, etc.

I did hear from NK today. She was not feeling well. I hope she is doing better by this evening (she was having a hard time keeping toast down)! CT has started a new quarter, and ASJ entered her first blog today!!! Also CT does have a birthday coming up, lest she should think we have forgotten (never gonna happen).

ASJ is on line!

Ms Technowizard, CB, has successfully navigated me to not only view the blog, but to actually write on the blog. Voila! I'll have to double my time at TLC now so that I'll be able to post a lot of blog. So, about my knitting: I am almost finished with the "wedding afghan" (wedding was last summer, but it's too hot to make an afghan in the summer) but my last skein of yarn doesn't quite "match" - guess it must be from a different dye lot. (Big mistake to purchase yarn without Guild assistance.) So, I'll have to do a little frogging and then see if I can't find more yarn in the right dye lot, OR maybe they won't notice the subtle color change, OR maybe the wedding afghan will have to be a small one. OR they'll just have to have children quickly and then it can be a baby afghan. The Smile sweater is still in hiding after having been totally ripped.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not so much

The baby shower and "Singing in Wisconsin" sucked up all my knitting time. I did see my needles woefully peeking out at me from my bag (wooden ones at that, I threw something over them before Sadie saw them). That was about it. Hopefully today I can get some knitting done. I did go to YD and get needles to replace the one Sadie Blue chewed up on me. So I can now work on my Norwegian mitten.

Too bad we missed the Winter Farmers Market. I wonder how much yarn was there. I think ASJ was there. But then again, I still have not knit anything with the yarn I bought from the last two Winter Farmers Markets I have been too. Stash enhancement!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Woe is me....

A lovely weekend for knitting, but not me! I had to go to class last night and all day today. I bet you are dying to know the riveting topic of this GRADUATE level course.....the importance of the deptartment store to the revitalization of downtown. Now, what exactly does that mean? I don't know, but I missed out on several good hours of knitting. Hours I will never get back. Grrrr.
Hope you all had a lovely and knitful Saturday (just like "W" I can make up words!).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rip It

So the seed stitch is not seed stitch on one side. So I must rip. Tomorrow. I did knit on the sock, (I love socks), and read. Took Ronbo and Sadie for a short walk this morning. I don’t think we will be walking tomorrow, accumulating snow. No way! I’d prefer that didn’t happen.

Currently Ronbo is napping. Recovery seems to be going well. He gets tired of sitting in the same position all the time, but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.

I did bop down to YD today and replaced the number 3 needles, 6 inch that the dog chewed up. Grrrr. As I dropped them into the knitting basket I informed her not to touch them and gave her a new chew bone. Just in case she is tempted.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts of the Island

I found myself thinking of The Island today. There is too much to do and not enough time to knit. We need more time to knit, knitting makes me happy. Perhaps tonight while I watch the election returns I will knit.
Glad to hear Ronbo is on the mend and NK doing well. Instead of whining, I should think of others.

A Twofer!

Two posts, one day. Took the patient for a walk. Check the incision, helped him shower, re-bandaged him, put a movie in for him and he is now out like a light. No Vicodan today. Only Advil. The shower was interesting; remind me to tell you about it sometime!

My books from Amazon came, "Moon Over Madeline Island" and "Return to Madeline Island." Both about a woman who moved from Eau Claire to Madeline Island. That reminds me, I need to buy a lottery ticket!

So this afternoon is knit and read, not necessarily in that order. I have started the pearl stitch on the sweater. I am not sure it looks right so it is on hold until I can confer with the guild. Threade Bear is open late on Thursday's (I think), should we plan a joint venture????

Hope all my knitting friends are having a good day. CT, I know it's the end of the quarter hang in there!

What Cookies???

Ryan Beck yelling "who ate all of Mrs. Taylor's Cookies." "I wanted some of those cookies when I got home." "Those were good cookies!"

Megan Beck "Mom you have the best friends." "Mom, I love your friends."

Marc Beck "Chicken & rice, I love chicken & rice!"

Me . . . "yes I love my friends too, they are very good me." They are my blessing! Words cannot express what your friendships mean to me! Thank you.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Socks indeed!

Wow! Those are beautiful. I feel very untalented. My socks look more like bent tubes. I started the second on for my MIL's birthday, and all ready they are not the same size. I am in the ribbing for pete's sake!!
Since her birthday is Nov 16, I need to concentrate on getting them done, so the cardigan will be slow going until they are done. Although, I would rather work onthe cardigan.
NK continue to take care of yourself! Your knitting career is at stake.
CB good luck with the nursing duties!


A photo! Woo Hoo! A new step in the Blog World. How much fun is that! My socks, I love my socks. Everyone should knit socks.
Koigu Vacation socks on the far right, Yarn Harlot Koigu socks (knit them because the Harlot was coming), Cascade socks, on the needles Koigu socks. I really like the contrast heel on all of them. Maybe for the next pair I will do something daring like a cable.
Problem with the top down cardigan. Maybe if I feel brave this later to day I will try and fix it w/out ripping it out. Or I might just sit down with my sock and ignore the cardigan.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shhhh . . . He's sleeping!

Yes, he is home! Somehow it seems a little early to be home, after a 4 level lumbar laminectomy, but I was assured he is doing well. And he does have a very big bottle of Vicodan. I bought him healthy snacks, and made him some soup. The highlight of his day was watching "We Were Soldiers" with Ryan. And quite frankly it gave me a few minutes alone!

Not much knitting is right CT. One medical procedure and one surgery really slows down the whole knitting thing. But look at how much you have done for Christmas! You are leaving the rest of us in the dust.

But WOW the friendship thing. Thank you all so much for all you have done for us the last three days. You have been amazing! And I must it admit, it made my life easier. It really is so hard to accept help. I am trying!

I think I will now go pull the last load out of the dryer for the day. At the last minute I threw in some fleece blankets. Hope you all are having a lovely evening.

Out of touch

Wow the guild has been so busy, none of us has been able to "blog" (is that what you call it?) With all the medical stuff this week, knitting has taken a backseat, but not the friendship.
I finished the mulitdirectional scarf and have put it in the holiday gift pile. I have 3 birthdays and Christmas to continue to prepare for. I think everyone should always keep a MD scarf handy, what a quick easy gift, but it looks so complicated! My favorite kind of knitting.

NK continue to take it easy, give me a call if you need anything.

CB I will talk to you today, but call if you need anything.

AJ the girls are having fun at Luther thanks to you and all your fine work at Club 78!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh No!

Yikes CB, I did not do the math on that top down cardigan. Here I am with 54 stitches between my back markers, so I am a ways in here. (almost one ball of yarn). I hope it all works out.

Good luck to you and Ronbo tomorrow. The guild will be praying and worrying as needed. Thank goodness you don't have family coming, they just get in the way. Remember to call if you or the kids need any rides or help in any way. The guild is here to serve.

NK, take another day off. Take care of yourself.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Please Note*

The top down cardigan casts on 2, marker, 12, marker, 30, marker, 12, marker, 2 = 58 stitches. Unless you look closely at the pattern . . . the pattern says you should now have 56 stitches?!?! What the????? 56?!?! Excuse me, but where did these extra stitches come from. On the bright side, I will have to do, two less increases. But still. There ought be a law prohibiting cheap yarn (insert acrylic here) and bad patterns.

Speaking of Vicodan. NK was doing well, when last we spoke (5:15 p.m. c.s.t.) And was going to be taking two Vicodan shortly, followed promptly by a nap. Works for me.

Back to the cardigan. Pray for me.

She Who Will Only Knit With Natural Fibers ;-)

A blessing indeed!

I would like it noted for the record also, that I want this proceedure or any proceedure that ivolves knitting (and viocodin) as theapy.

Bad news, my 2nd ball of yarn for the multidirectional scarf is slightly different shades. Marit says it is ok, but I will have to have the Guild put their stamp of approval on it. Cardigan, slow but sure.....

She must have been good, she has been blessed

How does one have surgery and the therapy post surgery is too knit??? How does that happen? I want to go on record stating, I want that kind of surgery.

"Now go home and make sure you knit at least four to five hours a day. It will help you heal." Yeah right . . . in my dreams.

The knitting Medivac Unit performed flawlessly for arrival and departure . . . thank you ASJ! The patient is home resting, recuperating and knitting . . . I am jealous.

I have ripped out the cardigan again . . . four times is the charm, right? That's the right saying isn't it?

Monday, October 30, 2006

This is too cool

This is too cool, our own blog. I feel so hip. Now if I could just type an entry without a typo, I would be a happy camper.
No knitter left behind for sure, also no knitter husband/family. But missing yarn might be an issue. How does one lose yarn? Although it does make feel ever so much better, I know I could lose my head if it were not attached. I was dying to check the blog at school, but they track that sort of thing, so stayed off all day!
I am hoping to knit a bit on both my scarf and sweater tonight. I must get that second sock cast on also. So much knitting, so little time.


Okay, apparently I should just knit socks. I have ripped out my top down cardigan twice. I was so disgusted last night I did not even look at it. Maybe what I'll do is cast it on AGAIN (please insert a disdainful comment of your choice here), and take it to the hospital on Thursday. CT, I agree, this could take forever.

NK, no problem we like to look after each other during MEDICAL PROCEDURES. No knitter left behind! I will be over with soup tonight. Sorry, I don't know where you AWOL yarn is, did you hide it really, really well?? I don't even remember what you bought at the Yarnery . . . was it some of that smile yarn? I remember she went down and brought up a whole bag of that hand dyed stuff for you . . . is that what you are missing???? Yikes, I'll come over and help look for. No one should ever loose yarn.

missing yarn

I am missing yarn. the yarn that I purchased from the yarnery is awol. I shall have to look for it tomorrow after my medical procedure (not surgery).
Thanks for being such great friends, and providing my family with food while I will not be able to use my right hand for a bit of time.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Second Try

Ok, CB we had to rip out the cardigan, but I cast it on a 2nd time. I have knit 14 rows and so far so good. You can see the "v" coming for the sleeves. It is cool. This sweater will take a while to knit on a size 6 needle, an hours worth of knitting and I have maybe an inch!

Group Entry Minus AJ

AJ's at the Packer Game instead of swifting. So we will have to swift again another time. Nancy's swifting her beautiful yarn for her Samus sweater and some other gorgeous stuff she picked up. Cindy started her top down cardigan, and I have mine with me. I have cast on twice now . . . let's hope it works this time. CT and I agree, you should not have to M1 on the cast on row, it leaves a hole!

Nancy has surgery on Tuesday and Ron has surgery on Thursday, busy week for the guild. I will be knitting on the hospital on Thursday, after that I am not sure how much I will get done.

It's swifting day!!

Yeah, the Guild meets today. I feel slightly guilty about dashing out of here for the meeting today. I did not get home from Marit's basketball tournament until 8:30 last night. But I am attending the meeting.

So I was knitting away on my multi-directional scarf. The yarn is a beautiful yarn to work with, 50% Merino Wool and 50% Mohair. It is not pooling very well, but the colors are beautiful. Anyway, back to my point. A fellow basketball mom tells me I have to walk over to the Ben Franklin, it is going out of business, all thier yarn is 50% off. I it acrylic? Yikes! I have become a yarn snob!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I agree, is it swifting time yet? Even though I had to work only 1/2 days, I am ready for the Guild to meet. I think I like the meeting part as much as the knitting part. My socks.....well lets just say I hope they turn out, now the multidirectional scarf, there is a project. I am mad at myself for thinking it was harder than it is.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is it swifting time yet???

The guild meeting seems like it is simply ages away. I need to decompress. Watching the swift turn round and round will have a soothing, hypnotic effect on my soul. I have not touched to dreaded fairaisle mitten, or my lace scarf. But my sock and I are very happy. Football socks most definitely. The colors are beautiful, shades of grape, purple, lavender and a really shocking coral color. These are not going to be a gift. For me and me alone.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good Morning Girls

I was going to post early at home. Computer issues. It seems some at my home has downloaded something unseemly and now my computer is infected. So while getting ready for work I was wrestling with the computer. Grrrr. I wanted to post a photo of my socks but I didn't even pick up my knitting.

So I came into work early today to do some video work for MJ. Then we have staff meeting, funeral, and a staff lunch, followed by a football game.

After this week hopefully things will be normal for a week. Okay, okay, a few days anyway. On the heels of football and volleyball finishing comes Ron's surgery. No rest for the wicked???? Apparently I am a very, very bad person. See you soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

We have our own Blog!

Set up in secret at home! As you can see I have added your projects on the side bar. I will give you the password and if you could log on at least once a month and add an entry . . . that would be sweet! Let me know what you think. Or I could trash the whole thing . . . ;-)