Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silent Auction Uptdate

Well, it is over. And I totally forgot my camera today to take pictures! Drat!! The silent auction to raise money for Mission Jamaica is over for 2009. I had 18 knit items for the auction. Many thanks to the Guild for their help in getting my projects done. NK for felting, CB for the scarves and NK again for help with MMT's bag.
My felted handbags went for $10, $14 and $15, since all 3 were knit with "scraps" I am ok with that. The bag MMT knit and NK helped me to jazz up went for $12. The 2 pair of fair isle mittens went for $15 and $25 (both knit with scraps). The clogs went for $15 each. The 2 multi-directional scarves went for $7 and $10. The fingerless mittens and headband a steal at $3, but the little girl loved them and looked too cute! The baby sweater (scraps from clogs and mittens) $10, the child size hat and mittens $5 (cheap--but scraps so ok) So I think I did ok with the help of the guild. The spirit scarves that CB knit and donated for MMT and I went for between $5 and $10. I was sort of sick about the one that went for $5, but what can you do??? The only projects I bought yarn for were the clogs and multi-directional scarves. From the clog yarn I got several projects, so I think my money was well invested. Now to see how much MMT and I earned for our trip to Jamaica.
On other knitting fronts. I finished my blueish green hooded tunic. This was the second time I have knit that sweater. This time I paid attention to gauge and tried it on several times. Thanks to the 2 "cold days" I finished it, blocked it and wore it to a party at AJ's last night.
I am currently between projects, but that will change this afternoon.
On other fronts, GBT has been back at school for a week, and other than the terrible snow, cold and car trouble, she is doing great. The husband is in Stevens Point right now moving ZT back in for 2nd semester. So our house will be much quieter!
Thanks again for all the help for the Auction. I could not have done it without you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We all should be home knitting. instead some of are working and the rest of us got to stay home with the fun and warm yarn to knit. Oh if only we could stay home everyday to knit. Maybe someday soon.......
Stay warm and wear mittens!!!!!