Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh, Oh!

Arrived home on Saturday afternoon. Two thirds of the way home I decided I was not feeling very good. Getting sick. How intuitive of me! The BOY and arrived home about 2:30. I took a shower and went to bed with the chills and nausea. In the middle of the night, The Boy got it. We both spent Sunday sleeping. Not a great day by any means.

I am off to work this a.m., The BOY, will remain home. He is supremely unhappy about it. Does not want to miss anymore school. BTW, I need to inform his history teacher that I overheard The Boy discussing his Vietnam class with some relatives, he was expounding on how much he has learned and that it was an enjoyable class (you didn't hear it from me.)

Is GT still here? Or has the she traveled north already???? Two projects, she is such an overachiever, makes the rest of us look bad. And now she is doing cables?

Well I need to go dry my hair and get dressed. Which will use up about all the energy I have. Have not knit at all . . . :-(


Nancy said...

Hopefully you will be feeling better later in the day. Let me know if you need anything.
Glad to have everyone home and where they belong.

CT said...

Hey, CB glad you are back, missed the postings. MT and I both caught colds from our sick visitors and I thought mine was on the down side, but today (about 6th hr) I lost my voice and feel like someone has a rubberband around my chest. Not a good sign.
GT would like an Indian knitting name. "One who clicks while she knits". We missed church yesterday to drop her off, I cried again. I am such a sap.