Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Please Note*

The top down cardigan casts on 2, marker, 12, marker, 30, marker, 12, marker, 2 = 58 stitches. Unless you look closely at the pattern . . . the pattern says you should now have 56 stitches?!?! What the????? 56?!?! Excuse me, but where did these extra stitches come from. On the bright side, I will have to do, two less increases. But still. There ought be a law prohibiting cheap yarn (insert acrylic here) and bad patterns.

Speaking of Vicodan. NK was doing well, when last we spoke (5:15 p.m. c.s.t.) And was going to be taking two Vicodan shortly, followed promptly by a nap. Works for me.

Back to the cardigan. Pray for me.

She Who Will Only Knit With Natural Fibers ;-)

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