Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Every Day, Sometimes More Than Once

I check this website, every single day, like I said sometimes (all the time) more than once. Checking the water temperature at the lake. Different sites give me slightly different temps. I like this one, because it gave me the warmest temp out of all of the sites I look at ( So the temp is in the 70's and it will probably only go up for the next week (here's hoping). So when the chicks arrive enmasse, we can float if so desired. One week, women only (women who knit), no children, husbands or dogs. Books, yarn, sun, sand (don't mix with the yarn).

My projects, socks, a sweater I started in June, dish cloths (for when I have a beverage). I never knit anything while drinking, bad things have happened. So to be on the safe side I am taking dish rag yarn. Only ten days . . . can't wait.

By the way, NK and AJ are in South Dakota with out us . . . leaving us to our own devices is never a good thing. That will teach them!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am back from my whirlwind tour of Europe. 11 days, 5 countries, can you say "coach liner bus"? We arrived home to Eau Claire about 1am Saturday morning after 26 hours of travel.

As for the trip, it truly was a whirlwind, get ready----landed in Frankfurt Germany off to: Rothenberg, Munich (Dachau too) Innsbruck (Austria), Venice and Verona (Italy), Lucerne (Switzerland), Heidelberg (back to Germany) and Paris (France) and home again via Dallas.

We saw lots of stuff on the days we were not trapped on the bus, highlights included: Dachau, Munich Hitler walk (can you tell I am a history teacher) gondola ride in Venice, Mt. Pilates in Lucerne, beer in Lucerne (with British men!!!), several castles in Germany and the Eiffel Tour and the plane home.

The trip was complicated by several factors, our group was huge, (we were promised to be alone) so that was hard, our additional students were middle schoolers, which sucked.(We are a high school group). We had a kid get stung by a sea urchin in Venice, one develop seizures in Venice that were so bad in Lucerne the paramedics were called by (wouldn't you love to get that bill) they got worse as the trip went on, my foot swelled up like a balloon(started in Munich day 3 and did not get better until Paris) and I developed a nasty rash on my legs. (25 Euro from the Italian pharmacy and I was good to go).
I did see a yarn store in Heidelberg, but did not have a chance to go in to shop, but Guild girls I was thinking of you! Next trip to Europe will be with adults and at my own pace, no more of this sprinting through the Alps.
Next adventure?? The Island!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TWO weeks went by TOO fast

I'm back! Kind of dreading work today, I must admit . . . oh well. Thirty some days and I will back on the island with the chicks!

It was a lovely vacation, (any vacation is lovely), two glorious weeks away from computers, publications, etc. Only two days of rain, the water however was very, very cold (brrrr), I didn't go snorkeling once. RRB (husband), who spent his summers on the island growing up (all summer long, we feel bad for him NOT) even said it was cold (not "refreshing"). Fishing was successful, RRB (son) caught a lovely brown trout (22 inches, 4 lbs) so he was very happy. The second week not much fishing. It was incredibly wavy, way too wavy to fish. MWB had his usual allergy issues whilst at the lake, but all in all did well and had a good time in spite of the sneezing. MSB also had a great time shopping, tanning, etc. (although she did have good days and bad days). AJ . . . she did have ice cream, and several smoothies, you would have been proud!

I did knit on the cloudy days; I finished a scarf for my niece, and knit several dish rags. I also taught my niece to knit. We shall see . . . I am not sure she will continue, but she did buy a knitting book on the island and was perusing patterns and marking them. My parents made a surprise trip up with my niece from South Carolina (she is nine), she ended up spending the rest of the week with us. She also wants to learn how to knit.

While I was gone SSK watered for me. My baskets are beautiful! My garden, although well watered took a varmint hit while I was gone. No bean plants, only bean sticks. I am still not sure what has been eating them, but they certainly went after them quite voraciously. Buggers. They also managed to destroy some perennials. My peas however are fine. Go figure. It is usually my pea plants that are gone . . . they have never eaten the bean plants and the tic seed. We did have the addition of five baby blue birds!

I also did some knitting reconnaissance while there. Fly Away Fleece Farm on the island which produces its own yarn, fleece, etc., has a brochure. I picked it up. We can make an appointment; go see the animals and shop. Sheep, goats & lamas! Mad Island Weaver is now on the mainland. I say we just poke our heads in the door and check it out. There are some other places on the mainland that sell yarn downtown. And AJ . . . there is a new ice cream shop downtown (at least I think it is new), "Sweet Sailing." So we will have to pace ourselves where ice cream is concerned!

We actually came home a little early (Saturday night), which I will be honest. It was nice to have Sunday and Monday, to do laundry, unpack, etc. But our ride on the ferry. Oh baby. In the twenty some years that RRB and I have been together, I have never had a ferry ride like it. Did well roll . . . MSB had taken her bonine before we left (car sick) she still had her head between her legs. MWB was not too thrilled with the ride either, RRB (son) was taking photos and having a great time, RRB (husband and old Navy Man), was unaffected by it all. I actually got out onto the deck (after we past the worst of it).

Well I guess I better post this and get to work. AJ, hope SJ's Dr. appointment goes well! NK, tell SK I will come over with a check this week, sorry I couldn't talk to her last night. I was on the phone with Mom, Dad is having surgery the end of this month. I needed to get the details from her while she was in a talkative mood!

(Published a day late, I was having photo problems!)