Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One sock finished!

Short report, one deer dead (my brother's), one sock finished, Ryan saw a BIG deer, could not get a shot at it (very depressed).

Other than that nothing much is new. Ron and kids are doing fine. Megan runs a tight ship, yeah Meg!

Have not touched the top down cardigan . . . focusing on socks. Miss you all! Take care.

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CT said...

Hey CB, Glad to hear things are going good for Ronbo and the kids. I love a 2 day work week. Ry did not miss much at school, with 4 to 6 kids out every hour, hard to get much done.
I am off to the beacon house tonight with Eryn and Marit. GT is learning to cable tomorrow from NK so I will tag along. Talk to you soon.