Friday, December 01, 2006

Y Turn!

Friday . . . Amen. There were three of us last night at Purly Gates. We were grateful our very intelligent sick friend decided to stay at home and rest. Smart Cookie. However we would have been more impressed if you had stayed at home today (I am just saying . . . ) Any Who.

I have been thinking of the Lake Story to post. I want to do the snake story, but I think it is best that we are all together to do that. After all, two of us were down on the beach, all I said on the beach was "Must be a snake."

However, "The Yarn Store Drive By" would also be an interesting choice. So here it goes . . .

As we traveled north without the encumbrances of spouses and children, and heavy on the yarn, we enjoyed conversation and Dairy Queen treats. (Side Note, ASJ knows where every Dairy Queen is in whole states). Traveling north on HWY 63, we approached Cable, WI. A small village to be sure. As we were tooling along and talking, three voice screaming in unison (imagine my flinching/jumping driving a Yukon XL, probably in excess of 55 miles per hour)

"Pines & Needles Yarn Shop" Y-TURN!!!!! Now knowing my friends (the chicks) desperately need yarn, what could I do, but immediately find the next road (it was a left, and all four wheels were on the road) to turn around and go back. Imagine much laughing and shrieking and such mayhem. Any way, as I prepared to back out on to the highway, I asked my com padres, if the highway was clear, free to go, no traffic. They all chirpily replied "Yes." So as I back out onto the the highway, more yelling, apparently a rather large logging truck had just come around the bend and was heading towards the back of the Yukon where the swift was stored. No wanting any damage to come to said swift (it was last year's Christmas Present from my husband), or the chicks I naturally tromped down on the gas pedal, zoomed back up the highway a short distance, plunged the Yukon to the left into said parking lot of Pines & Needles Yarn Shop
Did I mention the Noro was "Buy One Get One Free."


CT said...

OMG can you say giggle. that story just makes me smile and giggle. You are a great author, you should write for publication!

Nancy said...

I just love that story and the yarn store also. They had the best yarn and the nicest staff ever. We need to make this an annual stop for a trip to the cabin every year! I also think that you should write a book about all of our adventures. Between all of us we should be able to fill the book.