Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ta Ta for now!

Well, I am not even close to being ready to go up north. But hopefully by tomorrow morning all of my ducks will be in a row. Here's hoping anyway. Football Banquet tonight, laundry and packing. I hope to be on the road by 9:30/10:00 tomorrow, if I can manage to get it all done.

I do have my knitting packed, top down cardigan, slippers, sock, lace scarf, and plenty of dish rag yarn when I get frustrated with all of the former items. The important stuff is packed.

CT & NK have fun on Saturday. NK looking forward to my knitting backwards lesson when I return. I will call when I get back in town. I can always leave the BOY if need be and head home. Donna & Dan will be there on Thursday and give the BOY a ride home.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (w/or w/out company). ;-)

  • CT, have a wonderful B-day, if you are celebrating it next week! Try not to finish the sweater before I return, please.
  • ASJ take it easy and rest your back.
  • NK, knit on!

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CT said...

CB, hope you enjoy the posting. Honestly.