Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Phase Six!

Birthday day celebration for CT did involve Phase 6 “Shots!” How lovely. We journeyed to Color Crossings. Had a tiara for the girl as well as a surprise B-Day gift (a gift certificate for said Color Crossings.” Made her call her husband and tell him he was on his own dude. We had kidnaped her! After the yarn store, we went to Twisted Sisters purse shop. I bought a wallet and the zipper fell off in my hand once I was home. Then out to eat at San Pedro’s in Hudson. Yummy. Definitely going there again. The food was outstanding, and the dessert was divine. The Birthday Girl and I shared egg nog creme brulee with a homemade gingerbread cookie and a sugar plum shot. Yippee. I am liking Phase 6.

I have finished much knitting. Still working on Dad’s Christmas socks. And they will not be done. But then I am not going there for Christmas, so it is okay! Knitting grey tube socks on silver needles is not as much fun and variegated sock yarn. Oh well. I did finish a sweater for my sister and gave it to her (no photo). Mom’s socks are wrapped. Have knit a lot of baby sweaters too. Oh my. Some scarves for gifts, and I finished my alpaca top down! Yeah for me. Love it. It is especially snuggly and warm. I am thinking with this cold trend, I will be wearing it on a regular basis.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Monday, December 01, 2008


I finished up the alpaca sweater for GBT, blocked it and gave it to her this weekend. She wore it to church on Sunday. In my personal opinion, it looked great and fit her great. But I am biased.
I did not photograph her in the sweater, so you will have to trust me on this one.
I have decided (after consulting with NK) that I have enough items for the Jamaica Silent Auction. I have 13 items (12 from me, one from MMT). I still have scraps left that could be made into one more baby sweater and a pair of bulky mittens, but for right now, I am taking a break. To celebrate I cast on a hooded pull over for myself.