Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rip It

So the seed stitch is not seed stitch on one side. So I must rip. Tomorrow. I did knit on the sock, (I love socks), and read. Took Ronbo and Sadie for a short walk this morning. I don’t think we will be walking tomorrow, accumulating snow. No way! I’d prefer that didn’t happen.

Currently Ronbo is napping. Recovery seems to be going well. He gets tired of sitting in the same position all the time, but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.

I did bop down to YD today and replaced the number 3 needles, 6 inch that the dog chewed up. Grrrr. As I dropped them into the knitting basket I informed her not to touch them and gave her a new chew bone. Just in case she is tempted.


The Chicks . . . said...

I hate to rip, but I seem to do enough of it. I grated 4 pounds of carrots so my little knitting arm is sore, but I need to get in at least an inch on those blasted socks to try to get them done.

The Chicks . . . said...

Actually I tinked, 1 1/2 hours worth of tinking. Truly disgusting. Then I picked up my sock.

Eggroll day! Four pounds of carrots??? Tell me you had something electric to make it go quicker!

The Chicks . . . said...

My Name is Cindy and I am a ripper. Yep, it happened to me too today. I was ready to do my heel flap, but forgot that little step of slipping the first stitch. Oops! So rip it went.

I probably should not have even tried to knit, up at 5, 1000 egg rolls and teaching 6 periods today, a bit too much. Now off to night class. It just keeps getting better and better.