Monday, October 30, 2006


Okay, apparently I should just knit socks. I have ripped out my top down cardigan twice. I was so disgusted last night I did not even look at it. Maybe what I'll do is cast it on AGAIN (please insert a disdainful comment of your choice here), and take it to the hospital on Thursday. CT, I agree, this could take forever.

NK, no problem we like to look after each other during MEDICAL PROCEDURES. No knitter left behind! I will be over with soup tonight. Sorry, I don't know where you AWOL yarn is, did you hide it really, really well?? I don't even remember what you bought at the Yarnery . . . was it some of that smile yarn? I remember she went down and brought up a whole bag of that hand dyed stuff for you . . . is that what you are missing???? Yikes, I'll come over and help look for. No one should ever loose yarn.

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