Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The tie that binds

Clearly CB is the glue holding the guild together. Since she is out of circulation, the communication has been very limited. I eagerly check the blog hoping to hear from anyone, but alas, nothing.
GB and I went to TB yesterday and she bought yarn for hats and mittens for her college friends. She is more than half done with a "Where's Waldo" inspired hat. I am about half done with my scarf for the scarf project. Should finish it up during the holiday. I did knit 4 rows on the cardigan last night, slow going, but going.
The he&* dog is still here, biting and pooping. Anyone who dies this week won't have to worry about going to hedouble hockeysticks, Satan is here on vacation, enjoying himself, pooping through out my house, so he can't admit anyone new.

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Nancy said...

Sorry the dog is still there. Nice to know that you have patience for that type of thing. No wonder you knit so fast. Keeps you from killing the dog.
I can't wait to teach the college girl how to cable. will be a fun time. finished my pink felted purse now onto the scarf and socks. need to get done before the next hand has the surgery.