Friday, April 27, 2012


Monday, August 16, 2010

OK, here we go.
The chicks went up to the island and much knitting and laughing was done. The hardest part was coming home. Wish we could spend all summer up there without a worry in the world. While up at the island I worked on my felted purse and a baby sweater. Baby sweater done but still needs buttons, am also doing a blanket for the baby out of the same yarn. need to get it done and in the mail before the sweater will not fit! I did finish my felted purse here are some photos of it before and after felting. I did make the buttons also. was a fun project to do and will make more since no 2 look alike.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well I will be the first to post this year and will let everyone know that I did finish a project! I know it is shocking but I did it. They really are the same size just don't look like in the photo. I do like to do the mittens but the thumbs are a pain. Hopefully the other chicks will update more often this year.
Can not wait for the annual yarn festival trip and the trip to the Island!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I know . . and I have tons of photos and projects finished. Bad news is that some of them were on RRB's camera and he deleted them. I finished about twelve hats, one sweater, three pairs of socks, many mittens & scarves. A Lucy Bag that is waiting to be felted.

But next week we will be here . . . I promise to catch up then!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guild Violation?

Ok, so is this a Guild Violation or not? Inquiring minds want to know. MMT got her wisdom teeth out yesterday. I, of course, being a good knitter put the materials for a baby sweater in a sweet plastic shopping bag from Amazing Threads (in addition to great yarn, they have great bags). I cast on a cute little sweater and worked on it while the oral surgeon removed MMT's teeth. She came through surgery just fine and right around 10am, we headed home. I has asked the nurse to call her meds to the pharmacy so I could just stop and pick them up. I left MMT in the car while I ran into the pharmacy. I came back out (sans meds--it's a long story) and she was complaining of nausea. I thought ok, then I noticed in her drugged state, she had dumped my knitting on the floor of the car and was about to THROW UP in my knitting bag. I tried to hurry home as fast as I could, hoping to get her to a bathroom, rather than my car. I made it to the driveway, where all h^*& broke loose. The sweet bag from Amazing Threads is now in the dumpster and the only reason MMT is still alive is the fact that in her drugged haze she did manage to dump out the yarn.
Guild violation or not??? You decide.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Playing Catch Up

June 1st! I checked the blog today to check the "countdown to the Island" and it was not there! It seems that we have really slacked off on this whole blog thing. Well, let's see if I can remedy that.
Knitters gone wild weekend to Duluth in April. We spent a lovely Saturday/Sunday retreat at the Canal Park lodge in Duluth the last weekend in April. We discovered a great yarn store in Gordon on our way to Duluth, a real hidden treasure! While in Duluth (when not trying to avoid the 6 zillion kids there for a church retreat) we ate, went yarn shopping, ate, took a lovely walk along the canal, ate and knit while eating. We went to Yarn Harbor on Sunday morning. This is a great yarn store, they have a whole wall of Cascade 220. We all got yarn for several projects, including the pattern for the February Lady sweater, which we all plan to make on the Island this year.
Lake Elmo Fiber Fest on Mother's Day weekend. I missed it again this year, drat, drat double drat!! I had a family obligation at the U of M, but it is my understanding that much alpaca yarn was purchased. I am very jealous.
Next adventure? The Island, we leave on Father's day for a glorious week of knitting on the shores of Lake Superior. This year the trip will be very different. First off, NK can't come, she will be on the church mission trip to Georgia. And the guys are coming!! The men plan to drive up later in the week to spend the 2nd weekend with us. How strange will that be? They better not expect us to spend time with them, knitting comes first on the Island.
I know I have been knitting a lot this spring, I have completed several small projects. A silky scarf for Dora (foreign exchange daughter from Brazil), 2 felted handbags (that NK jazzed up with needle felting!) that I donated to a silent auction. Each bag sold for $30! Heavy wool socks for the boy, to keep his feet warm in his new "student rental". Currently, another felted handbag for my sister-in-law. I have also ripped 2 sweaters, one that was more then 1/2 done. I think I am turning into AJ.
I have been too lazy to photograph my knitting, so a picture less post, but oh well, so goes life.
Knit on!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Long Time

It has been a long time since anyone has posted. Here goes. Everyone still knitting and we are still getting together which is the best thing ever!
Can't wait for the trip to Duluth! And that means NEW yarn stores with more yarn to touch and drop on the floor. I will promise to try my best to be on my best behavior and not laugh so hard to drop anything on the floor. But ya never know.
Happy Easter to everyone!