Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two weeks before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas and all through the house
Not gift wrapped or cookie for my spouse.
The children made lists with such care,
but going to the mall, I do not dare.
The cards are still in a box,
next to the yarn for some socks.
The tree is up, but not an ornament in sight
thank goodness the fake thing came with a built in light.
I feel rushed and confused,
my credit card I will abuse.
Perhaps this year my letter will get to St. Nick.
Lord knows I need him to arrive quick.
Perhaps I should get to work, not a moment to spare,
The holidays will come with great fanfare.
So no more complaints or fear,
the holidays of our Lord's birth are near.
To the mall I will go,
children and husband in tow.
Gifts I will give,
to those with whom I live.
So shop, bake, address and mail times four
because the holidays are upon us once more.


CB said...

Too cute! I love the yarn for socks part.

Nancy said...

I love the the words. I am also like you. I do need to get everything done by Tuesday next week since after that I will be once again disabled with my other hand this time and the carpal tunnel. Yet another medical procedure. So think of me at 3:00 on Tuesday as they start. Hopefully will get all my towels embroidered by then and get Maari's christmas stocking done on the knitting machine. I think that sleep will be an option from now until Tuesday.