Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Coming

Ready or not. It is coming. And I am unready. Not even close. Oh well. So it goes. Shopping and baking, wrapping and sending. It all needs to be done. It will happen, just not sure when or how. Somehow it always does manage to get done. So I'm going with the flow (it's my new CB is now Type B Persona!) The Boy wants a cable for his XBox 360, The Girl says she really does not need anything (I know, not normal for a 14 year old), and The Boy Version 2 wants a Nintendo WII. Yeah right. This is so shades of the Teacher Barbie debacle of 1996, (I shudder to think of it).

The Christmas Knitting is actually going quite well, that could be because I started in May. Socks and slippers. Easy, squeezy. I love socks and slippers.

Though it is not a good photo (I will try again) this is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. It has been in my family for three generations (if you count my kids four). I have three of them, similar, all made by my Great Aunt Ruth. When they were first married, money was short so she made her own ornaments. The three I have (I treasure them) are all that remain. They carry so much history. They are resoundingly simple. Egg cartons, painted gold, with beads glued on. In each one a treasure is hidden. The one above is a little white decorated tree (made from some brush she had available). The second holds a gold angel and the third a simple red glass ball. These are what I hold dear. There is one for each one of my children. And not so oddly enough, my children understand how important they are to me. They have heard the stories of these ornaments for years. How as a child, every year I watched them go on the tree. I could tell they were important by how my mother treasured them. How thrilled I was the year she gave them to me.

Well I need to get busy. Make a baking list and felt some slippers and hope they dry by Friday!

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