Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh Oh

I dropped by YD today to pick up prayer shawl yarn for the church. Out came Guild Friend the extraordinary J.O. She very politely inquired if I had my next project picked out for the next snow storm. Hmm . . . nope! Then as I drove back to work, I went over projects in my mind, that I have (there could be a problem here). I think that cities trip cannot come fast enough! (Check it out. It’s rescheduled). I really think the yarn in the picture is koigu, waiting for me.

So should I get snowed in on Thursday and Friday (beautiful dreamer) I will knit on the salmon pink cardigan (I have shamelessly decided to modify it yet again and then foist it on a relative), baby booties (I know lots’ of babies, so I am using leftover yarn for booties), my Fair Isle mitten (slow but sure progress, not nearly as nice at CT's).

We shall also keep NK and Dr. D in our prayers as they travel to Mad City with teenagers galore to the state hockey tournament (travel between the storms safely). Storm warnings from Wednesday 6:00 p.m. until Friday 6:00 p.m. there is supposed to be a break in the storm on Thursday before the second storm hits (the second one is supposed to be worse). Then they can come back on Saturday safe and sound.

If you have read the Harlot lately, you read about the "Thunder Snow" (we had some on Friday night) and that someone had been emailing her grammar corrections for her blog, yeah, apparently this person needs a hobby. Hear me know, if someone ever sends corrections to the guild, we will find you.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow, Snow and more snow

The plow finally came by, of course it was after I got home from church. The bank left by the snowplow was waist high, I felt bad for anyone who did not have one of those great big snow blowers. This was a weekend for a big snow blower. I did discover while helping the boy and the husband snowblow, that I, the mitten knitter of the guild, lacks mittens. I have knit how many pairs of mittens for other people and the only ones I have the first pair of felted mittens Pastor Mary helped us make. Yikes. So with the snow I had a good excuse to knit (until my arm hurt). After a consult with CB, I cast on a pair of color block mittens. The cuff is gray (very CT) the palm is pink and the top green. MMT says they look cool. I don't care, I will have a good pair of mittens that I know are mine! Also, due to the snow, I spent a fair amount of time on the top down green sweater. I am now pretty confident I have enough yarn to finish it.

I am excited about church on Wednesday night, we get to go to Culver's for a Guild celebration of CB's birthday. The off to hockey state for NK and a whole bunch of teenagers, I hope she does not have to invoke the 20 foot rule with my son!!!!

Have a great week Guild girls.

ASJ: The smile sweater was beautiful!!!! You are a master knitter!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"No Knitter Left Behind"

The guild's deepest sympathy to Paul & Zoe, family & friends (ASJ). The trip to the cities has been postponed. We will keep them all in our prayers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From the Knitting Activities Director

Wow, that will teach me to miss a meeting! So, may I most humbly ask, is anyone willing to drive? Much to my embarrassment I have not driven in the cities all that often I am not all that familiar with the lay of the land . . . let me know on the QT. I vote the cafe next to the Yarnery for lunch. Or CT mentioned a place last time we were in the cities. Started with a "C" I think. Ice cream, any place ASJ wants to stop for ice cream is fine with me. I plan on buying much Koigu and size 0 needles. I think I need smaller for the socks.
Hopefully I will get a decent nights sleep before we leave. Hot flashes in numbers of five and higher a night are making me tired. And I am currently experiencing one right now. Well I am off. Much to do . . . see you tomorrow night!
P.S. They are now predicting 70% chance of snow/rain on Saturday!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guild Meeting: Feb. 18, 2007

Guild Members NK (hostess) CT and ASJ met on Sunday, February, 18. As a majority of Guild members were present, discussion was held as to the Yarn Adventure scheduled for February 24th. After much discussion, the Guild members present decided to meet (or be dropped off) at the Starbucks by Shopko at 8:30 for coffee with a 9am (sharp) departure. The Guild voted to stop at Country Colors in Roberts promptly at 10am (when they open). The adventure will then continue on to The Yarnery in Cities. Discussion was not entertained as to where we would have lunch, our ice cream stop or who was driving. Which would be key in the whole drop off at Starbucks plan. Details will be ironed out this week by the Knitting Activities Director (CB-the only member not at this meeting). Discussion also became stalled when attending Guild members were too excited about the upcoming adventure to care what else we did next Saturday.

Knit to live and live to knit!!

Remember Purly Gates on Thursday night!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Stop the merry go round, I want to get off

Whew, I survived the week. I was worried for a couple of days, I don't function well when I am out of the house in the evenings (and 4 in a row is my max). But I managed to make it through. My family and house survived also, the house is a disaster and the kids are looking forward to an actual meal, rather than something they wing together. It is sad to say, but I am looking forward to having a meal together. After standing in line last Sunday to get a Wii, MMT and ZJT (dad too) have really enjoyed the new toy. Dad ran to the Wallyworld and picked up a second controller and game pack, so now they have all sorts of games to play and they can play together--less fighting! (good for mom) I don't Wii, could cause an injury to my knitting arm you know.
I have barely gotten in any knitting time this week. I am struggling to finish the black and white mittens for Zeegs. If (and I mean if) I had time I knit my required 5 rows in an attempt to just push through. I have not touched the green top down v-neck all week.
The 3 day work week will keep me going next week, but in reality it will be the anticipation of the yarn adventure on Saturday. I am too excited just enjoy a day with the guild. I hope NK and ASJ make us giggle at least once!
CB-have fun at your parents!
NK-see you tomorrow for lunch and sewing--perhaps a little shopping too!
AJ-we are still praying for Shelly!

On the Road Again

We should (notice I qualify the statement) leaving within the hour. The children are presently still at school. RB and I both took off a ½ day. So I cleaned, packed, cleaned. You get the idea. There is still much cleaning to do. Oh well. Hoping do to do some knitting on the road. We’ll see.

But what I really can’t wait for is next week’s trip. Be still my heart. The anticipation is too much. But next Friday I will be a basket case. Of course there is all of next week to get through yet (and it’s Ash Wednesday). I am praying for a calm week.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Lot’s of knitting for all of you! CT . . . hope you are feeling better. The cold and the muscles.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentines Day everyone!
Why must it fall on a weds. night when all of us chicks must go to church with the young ones??? This means that we must cook dinner quickly after work and not even order out. Or maybe we could order out. Not sure. I think that I will talk DJK into taking me out to Culvers for the 1/2 off Banana split tonight. Maybe KAK will pick up her sister SSK from church. KMK will be working at Action City tonight.
CB-- Hope Ronbo is having a wonderful birthday!
AJ--- We are still praying for Shelly and her family and all her friends who need the prayers as much as she does. It is hard to lose a friend who is so young with so much more to live for.
Knit on girlfriends!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thursday of a 4 day work week and I am really looking forward to the weekend and some serious knitting time. Judging from the lack of emails between Guild members, we are all busy and looking forward to the weekend. The cold snap made the week seem even longer (even though I got an unexpected day off). Yesterday I decided it was warm enough ( a whopping 9 degrees) to take the dogs for a walk. What a bad idea that was, not only did I freeze for 20 minutes outside, but I wasted another 20 minutes trying to warm up, so a total of 40 minutes I could have been knitting was wasted! Today, I spent 45 minutes waiting at the repair shop for the boy's car (not even my own!). Again, quality knitting time wasted (of course if I had planned ahead, I would have brought my knitting). Tonight, some quality knitting time. That is my plan, although I have to deal with a very depressed daughter. MMT has her heart set on Wii, but there are none to be found.
Green V neck top down update: I took it off the needle last night and tried it on again, it fits fine. I took 10 stitches out! Either I don't fully understand gauge or the patterns are just big.
MHS Knitters Update: The girls from Thailand are working on their purses, so far so good. They all knit so very tight. The one girl who started the multidirectional scarf, put it down and forgot how to knit in the front and the back. A couple of other members are working on learning to knit on the diagonal, so each is making progress. We continue to have good attendance, which is wonderful.
AJ: We will pray for Shelly, may the Lord keep her and her family safe.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hope you have a wonderful day indian princess pick n click. Hope the snow will not be to much touble for you....at least you can knit to keep warm!

I did not knit last night so am behind in my knitting 30 minutes a day but am putting a new item on my plate also. I can not start a new project until I get at least one or maybe two other projects done. We shall see how it goes.

Hope everyone is staying warm by knitting!

On Friday my eldest turns 18! Hard to believe that she was ever a little girl!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Wow, what a shock. A cold day. And cold it was. MMT and I ran errands around 10:30 this morning (that was crack of dawn for a 14 year old with an unexpected day off from school). Burrr, too cold to even think about anything but the few stops on my list. I spent my day rewarding myself with knitting breaks, put laundry away, knit a bit, do dishes, knit a bit. You get the system. I ripped back the green top down V neck. I pulled it back at least 10 inches. I reknit about 1 inch. When I finish this ball of yarn I will try it on to see if I have the size right this time. I worked on my mittens, I am almost done with the right mitten. If (oh who am I kidding) when I knit after supper, I probably will get to the take down. I finally got rid of MMT (off to a friend's for the afternoon) and the boy (bowling) so I did enjoy about 1 hour of total peace and quiet on this "cold" day. Ah, but back to reality tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, my baby GBT will be 19. 19! That is like a grown up age! On the bright side, it will be a 4 day work week! And we are one week closer to our yarn adventure to the Cities.

BTW, I was reading the Harlot today, she had 194 comments. Wow! If 194 people commented, think of all that don't comment, but read (like me). She is very popular!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Advice Taken

Burr, the only worthy activity when it is this cold is knitting. Even though we hosted the conference party for the swim team last night, I had a lot of time for knitting so far this weekend. Friday MMT and I baked all the bars, then I snuggled up with a bad movie and knit. Saturday I purchased yet more storage containers for my yarn, organized it and got excited for the Island. I grabbed my top down V neck for the swim meet. I was able to knit almost a whole skein at the swim meet. Following the party, MMT and I watched a movie upstairs and I knit on my mittens. I am to the right thumb. So for a busy weekend, I have found a lot of time to knit! Yeah!
CB, I hope Boy #1 is better! NK thanks for the chairs.
Top down V neck update: I took it off the needle and doggoneit, if it is not too big. What is it with these top down patterns? I am working the directions for the small, and it is still big. I am going to put it aside until the next Guild meeting.
Top down V neck updated #2: I have decided to rip it back to the underarms and reduce the number of stitches around. I have plenty of time today (no school-wow) and ASJ had some good advice yesterday (she did not know she was giving me advice). She said she rips and re-works it until she gets it right. And she is right. So today, I shall rip.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Yep, I was up before dawn even cracked. Explain to me why I can't sleep in when I am off?? I was up at 4:50! What is up with that?

Almost went to the emergency room with Boy Number One last night. He took two Advil at 6:00 to bring down his temp and at 7:00 his temp was 102. It finally started dropping around 7:30. Needless to say he is at home this morning. He did have a temp again this a.m., but took some more Advil. I am praying no one else gets this bug.

So I am showered and ready to roll. Off to the Page's at 8:30 to help them move in. Shopko to pick up Nyquil for the boy. Already did the dishes, and cleaned the Boy Number Two's room. Folded laundry and put it away. I figure by three I will need a nap. Lunch with NT today, and then I hope to put in a little knitting time.

I have been reading a lot lately and not as much knitting is happening. I am starting to feel guilty about reading. Hopefully I will get several rows on the cardigan done today.

To keep warm I suggest you knit a lot! Brrrr.

The Power of the Guild

Never, and I mean never, underestimate the power of The Guild. We got great news last night, Uncle Gene has responded to the antibiotics. Actually, he is home from the hospital! How about that for the power of prayer!
Thank you!