Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'round and 'round

I (I guess I should say we) quickly got the house in order for housekeeper day, then off I went, round and round on the foot of my sock. I will probably finish on Wednesday, her birthday is Thursday. In my mind that is on time. I am anxious to get back to my top down cardigan and felted clogs. Not to mention a multidirectional scarf! So much knitting and so little time!
NK I hope you are feeling better, I am downtown today, so I will be out of touch!


Nancy said...

I am feeling much better today. bad way to diet but lost some weight maybe will stay off. am going to start the 3rd skein of my multidirectional scarf today then will finish my pink felted purse, then who know what will get finished. still need to get a x-mas stocking done for AJ before the holidays. later

The Chicks . . . said...

Ok CB, I am going to try this whole comment thing. The blog defeated me yesterday.