Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Twofer!

Two posts, one day. Took the patient for a walk. Check the incision, helped him shower, re-bandaged him, put a movie in for him and he is now out like a light. No Vicodan today. Only Advil. The shower was interesting; remind me to tell you about it sometime!

My books from Amazon came, "Moon Over Madeline Island" and "Return to Madeline Island." Both about a woman who moved from Eau Claire to Madeline Island. That reminds me, I need to buy a lottery ticket!

So this afternoon is knit and read, not necessarily in that order. I have started the pearl stitch on the sweater. I am not sure it looks right so it is on hold until I can confer with the guild. Threade Bear is open late on Thursday's (I think), should we plan a joint venture????

Hope all my knitting friends are having a good day. CT, I know it's the end of the quarter hang in there!

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