Sunday, April 27, 2008

Give peace a chance

So this whole story started on The Island, our second trip to be exact. It was my first attempt at knitting a sweater. I began my first top down pull over on the Island, I knit and I knit and I knit. I got the sweater body finished and took it off the needles for a look. To my shock, the sweater was big enough to fit a size 2XL man. I was disappointed, but not defeated. I ripped the sweater and balled up the yarn and took it to Family Camp for some serious knitting sessions. I knit and I knit and I knit. I got the body of the sweater done and took it off the needles only to find that it was big enough to fit an XL man. At this point AJ, NK and the husband ran for cover as I threw the yarn, needles and sweater to the ground. To save his life, the husband quietly wound the yarn in to big balls and tied it in a bag, where it has stayed for nearly 2 years.

I took yarn inventory a week or so ago and discovered that I don't have as much yarn as a good knitter should. While taking inventory I discovered the dreaded blue sweater yarn bag. At this point I made my peace with the yarn. Since this disaster I have knit 4 top down sweaters, a top down vest and 2 top down baby sweaters. I have conquered the project, now it was time to use up the yarn. Knowing what I now know about yarn, the project was doomed from the start. The yarn was not the right weight (even though I was knitting 2 strands together) but enough about that.

I pulled out yarn and found a pattern for a baby afghan. I knit the World Ministries wavy baby afghan. It turned out really cute. I have lots of co-workers who are having babies, so an afghan is always good to give as a gift. Provided the baby is a boy! The problem is look at how much yarn I still have after the afghan. This is a lot of blue yarn. I think I will make a top down baby sweater out of part of it and MMT suggested I learn to make booties to go with the blankets. If not booties I think the yarn is fine enough that I could make socks for an adult.

I am counting down the days until:1) yarn shopping on the 10th of May 2) graduation (if they have one more senior skip day I am going to pop a vein. 3) the end of school and 4) THE ISLAND!!!

Health update: I did have to get an antibiotic for the brochitis, and I think I will be healthy soon.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rip it! Rip it good!

Ok so I thought I would be posting a picture of my two halves of my half sweater. As it turns out I was a little over confident. Post hospital stay NK was nice enough to give me a tutoring session in the half sweater. I knit all week on the 2nd half of the half sweater. I cast it off Thursday night and laid the halves on the floor. Excellent, I had a right and a left. But they did not match. I took Friday to contemplate how to correct the situation. The only solution was rip it back 30 rows (which is like a gojillion stitches). Last night after school I ripped it out and put it back on the needle. I made myself knit 2 rows last night, just to get it over with. I have knit on and off today, slow but sure I will get it done the second time. I know ASJ loves to rip and re-knit, but I have to tell you, it is not working for me. Also, I do firmly believe that once I get the two halves done, I will not be able to put the 2 halves together, so I will forever have 2 halves of a sweater.

I had a baby shower today, I am not very good at this events (so I made GBT come with me). It was completely stressful. The gifts were all piled in the corner and they were bloody huge gifts. And here I am with one little box, containing a top down hooded baby sweater. As luck would have it, my gift was opened LAST. So I had over a half hour to sit and squirm while the mom to be opened, strollers, pack and plays, bouncers and all sorts of large expensive gifts. It did work out in my favor, when she opened the tiny little box containing one hand knit sweater, the other guests were chatting and ready to move on to the lunch phase of the afternoon. A couple of quick, "did you make that?" and off to the food we went.
Note to self: drop off gift and dash next time!!!

4-15-08: The 1/2 sweater is no more, it is now several balls of yarn in a ziplock bag.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yarn, Yarn everywhere Yarn

Well here is my post finally about the big field trip to the cities. Here is a photo of the yarn that I purchased on the trip. I just love all of the yarn I purchased. Even purchased some for KK1 so that she may make some fingerless gloves. I have already made one sweater out of the pink and purple yarn. Made a weekend cardigan. and am now starting a weekend pullover with the orange and reddish color yarn. As I was saying over and over again last night. I just love to knit with the wonderful feeling yarn. I do have a request for bulky mittens out of the orange yarn also. Some of the yarn just spoke to me and said take me home with you, I will look very nice mixed in with all of the other yarn that you have.

I have also been busy making stitch markers, since I am working on size 15 and 17 needles hard to find marker to fit the big needles. So I thought to myself that I could make those fancy looking markers that they sell in all the yarn stores. So I did figure out how to do it and am going to make some more since I like them and they do make my knitting look extra pretty.