Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yarn is like Tupperware

You know how it goes, you have leftovers and you can find the container, but not the lid. You have a lid, but no darn container for it. What is up with that? I discoverd that yarn is a lot like tupperware. I was kniting back and forth, back and forth on this top down cardigan, (I must be feeling better) I decided to start a pair of mittens. So off the my yarn cabinet (built for me by my son) I went. I have no yarn!!! I have scraps of Galway from a jillion pairs of felted clogs. I have left over yarn from mittens, but not enough to start a new pair. I went to my secret location (if I post the location, it won't be secret anymore) and still no yarn for a new project. What is up with this nonsense! What is wrong with me? I need help from the Guild. The only answer is.....a yarn adventure!

1 comment:

CB said...

Yarn shortage. GASP, CHOKE, FAINT. That will not do. We need to get you to a yarn shop pronto!!!!