Monday, December 04, 2006

The Beach

Remember the beach . . . since my only winter sport is knitting I am not that enamored of the below freezing and bloody frigid (damn I need more socks) cold. Brrrr. Somebody turn up the heat!
Knitting this weekend was pretty non exsistent. Between homework projects that needed supervising, work (Saturday), and please explain why to me when I was sick I promised the The Girl I would take her and her friend to the mall on Sunday???? Anyway, my weekend was shot. My Christmas knitting is giving me the evil eye (at the very least it is looking at me in a very petulant manner). So back to slippers, socks, hats and mittens I go. The cardigan is will have to wait.
The works in progress have left. I am trying to get something else on the side a bit more stimulating, but it is being difficult. So instead of taxing my brain any further I going back to knit.
CT . . . hope you get a good night sleep, and feel better in the morning. ASJ, we need to get you on line!! NK, talk to you tomorrow. Good night girls!

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CT said...

Thoughts of the beach are all that keep me going. Knitting is my only winter sport too, thank goodness holding the yarn in your lap keeps you warm.