Monday, November 13, 2006

ASJ is on line!

Ms Technowizard, CB, has successfully navigated me to not only view the blog, but to actually write on the blog. Voila! I'll have to double my time at TLC now so that I'll be able to post a lot of blog. So, about my knitting: I am almost finished with the "wedding afghan" (wedding was last summer, but it's too hot to make an afghan in the summer) but my last skein of yarn doesn't quite "match" - guess it must be from a different dye lot. (Big mistake to purchase yarn without Guild assistance.) So, I'll have to do a little frogging and then see if I can't find more yarn in the right dye lot, OR maybe they won't notice the subtle color change, OR maybe the wedding afghan will have to be a small one. OR they'll just have to have children quickly and then it can be a baby afghan. The Smile sweater is still in hiding after having been totally ripped.

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The Chicks . . . said...

Why is this knitting thing so hard, matching colors, counting stitches, it should just all flow together!
I must keep plugging away on my sock, Kitty's birthday is the 16th, I don't think I am going to make it.