Friday, December 01, 2006

Can't Take Them Anywhere

Because it was requested . . . a memory from the first ever "Out Of State Yarn Shopping Expedition."

Imagine the shock & disbelief (not really, but it sounds good) as we glanced down the length of Needlework Unlimited (as seen in photo) and saw two chicks (neither with the first name of Cindy), one on her hands and knees, grasping and grabbing at yarn spilling and rolling across the floor of the shop, and the other bending over and giggling. Every time she bent over, yarn spilled out of her arms and rolled across the floor (apparently she could not find any HANKS of yarn to buy). Really, can you see it? NK looked like she was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard, poor ASJ was trying her damnedest to corral the yarn as it rolled every which way across the floor.

What was a guild member to do? Now let me back up a bit. This happened to be the "Yarn Hop" weekend. There were literally hundreds of knitterly types flocking to seven yarn stores in the twin cities. You get the picture, the store was crowded. Now CT and I (with all the tact we could muster), yelled across to them to ask them kindly what on God's green earth they were doing. I mean really, we were hoping this would be an annual event. It certainly wouldn't look good if they would never allow us back in the store, let alone the state.

CT and I scurried across the store as quickly as we could, because they already have enough people gawking at them. We needed to get the situation under control. It took three of us to corral the yarn If I remember correctly we picked up a couple of balls of yarn and put them in the basket she was holding (because we gave it to her), but because she was laughing so hard, when she bent over, and you guessed, right back on the floor. CT swiped the basket out of her hands, put it in the middle of the floor and we scooped the renegade yarn back into the basket. We then helped our friend ASJ up off the floor. Both laughing so hard they could not speak a word between them.

Oddly enough, the polite staff of the shop did not find this behavior odd (maybe her pirate hat was on too tight) and we were not escorted out of the shop.

Yeah, we will do that trip again next year. We already have our hotel picked out. But we are definitely going to have to split up the bobbsey twins whilst shopping.


CT said...

CB you are in the wrong profession. You should be an author. Those are too funny and I like the new title for "yarn store drive by" I forgot my pattern for the clog today, so had to concentrate on the sweater. I am in the knit even until it is 22 inches from shoulder. Yikes, could take a while.
See you at the guild meeting tomorrow

Nancy said...

I promise that next year I will try to be better behaved. I shall take my good acting pills and try not to drop any yarn. I all depends on what I find to buy in the store. My new motto will be "Take a shopping basket everytime I walk into a yarn store just in case!"