Friday, May 23, 2008


Ummm . . . Yes we did go. And yes we do have photos. But I am waiting for the camera cable from NK! We did have an awesome time at the Festival. I picked up some alpaca (600 yards for $24 x4) for a sweater. Alpaca, be still my heart. Three huge buildings filled with homespun and commercial yarn. We will definitely go again. It is a wonderful event!

CT was not able to attend. Her father in law had a massive stroke. It is an incredibly sad and stressful situation. Say a prayer for our friend and her family. Graduation, end of the school year all are looming on the horizon also.

Then we have ASJ, whose mother in law fell and broke not one but two hips! So ASJ is her tremendous patient advocate! ASJ’s husband needs to have back surgery soon, and her daughter fell and broke her tail bone. Again Graduation is looming.

My BIL was admitted to United on Friday, with blood pressure of 53 over 0 (I did not know that was possible), and kidney failure, he is 48. So I spent the weekend with my sister. Whew! Then there was a blood clot thrown in for good measure. They are both doing well. However I got nothing done at home. I am sure it will all be fine. Again Graduation is looming.

NK is the only one who did not have an immediate family member in the hospital. Thank God!. Graduation looming.

Graduation Party One is on Monday evening, Graduation Party Two is a week from Saturday. Graduation is on June 1. Graduation Parties Three and Four will be the following weekend, Saturday and Sunday respectfully. Yeah, we thought it was cool we all had seniors . . .

Oh yeah, and the cabin trip is on the horizon.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend Trip

Shepherd's Harvest Sheep & Wool Festival! ASJ has wanted to go for some time now. Looks like she will get her wish! DETOUR. We were planning on Color Crossing, Yarn Garage & Borealis. But I proposed that we stop there first! Steven will be there, so that's a plus. There will be home spun and commercial yarn available, fuzzy yarn bearing animals, books & patterns, plus much, much more. So why would we not go, when we are travelling in that direction anyway?

I am looking for some yarn for my Island Project. Both ASJ & NK have there projects ready to go. CT and myself . . . not so much. I think I know what I will be knitting. But I have to pick up some yarn. Plus I will of course be taking sock yarn. My sock yarn stash needs to be bulked up bit. I am looking for some simple brown yarn for a cable sock pattern. Then for the heels and toes I have some very pretty variegated brown/pink/white yarn. Cables just look so much better to me when they are knit on a single color. Other wise it's gets too busy for me (Call me Plain Jane).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Project #2

I have finished my second project out of the dreaded blue sweater yarn. I think it turned out really cute. I knit it on larger needles and I made the biggest size, complete with the hood to try to use us as much yarn as possible. Look how much I still have left. I think I have enough for one more sweater. Yikes, I bought a lot of blue yarn.
I am really excited for our pre Mother's Day yarn adventure. What a great gift to ourselves. Time together as the Guild and yarn shopping, what a perfect day!