Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Please Note*

The top down cardigan casts on 2, marker, 12, marker, 30, marker, 12, marker, 2 = 58 stitches. Unless you look closely at the pattern . . . the pattern says you should now have 56 stitches?!?! What the????? 56?!?! Excuse me, but where did these extra stitches come from. On the bright side, I will have to do, two less increases. But still. There ought be a law prohibiting cheap yarn (insert acrylic here) and bad patterns.

Speaking of Vicodan. NK was doing well, when last we spoke (5:15 p.m. c.s.t.) And was going to be taking two Vicodan shortly, followed promptly by a nap. Works for me.

Back to the cardigan. Pray for me.

She Who Will Only Knit With Natural Fibers ;-)

A blessing indeed!

I would like it noted for the record also, that I want this proceedure or any proceedure that ivolves knitting (and viocodin) as theapy.

Bad news, my 2nd ball of yarn for the multidirectional scarf is slightly different shades. Marit says it is ok, but I will have to have the Guild put their stamp of approval on it. Cardigan, slow but sure.....

She must have been good, she has been blessed

How does one have surgery and the therapy post surgery is too knit??? How does that happen? I want to go on record stating, I want that kind of surgery.

"Now go home and make sure you knit at least four to five hours a day. It will help you heal." Yeah right . . . in my dreams.

The knitting Medivac Unit performed flawlessly for arrival and departure . . . thank you ASJ! The patient is home resting, recuperating and knitting . . . I am jealous.

I have ripped out the cardigan again . . . four times is the charm, right? That's the right saying isn't it?

Monday, October 30, 2006

This is too cool

This is too cool, our own blog. I feel so hip. Now if I could just type an entry without a typo, I would be a happy camper.
No knitter left behind for sure, also no knitter husband/family. But missing yarn might be an issue. How does one lose yarn? Although it does make feel ever so much better, I know I could lose my head if it were not attached. I was dying to check the blog at school, but they track that sort of thing, so stayed off all day!
I am hoping to knit a bit on both my scarf and sweater tonight. I must get that second sock cast on also. So much knitting, so little time.


Okay, apparently I should just knit socks. I have ripped out my top down cardigan twice. I was so disgusted last night I did not even look at it. Maybe what I'll do is cast it on AGAIN (please insert a disdainful comment of your choice here), and take it to the hospital on Thursday. CT, I agree, this could take forever.

NK, no problem we like to look after each other during MEDICAL PROCEDURES. No knitter left behind! I will be over with soup tonight. Sorry, I don't know where you AWOL yarn is, did you hide it really, really well?? I don't even remember what you bought at the Yarnery . . . was it some of that smile yarn? I remember she went down and brought up a whole bag of that hand dyed stuff for you . . . is that what you are missing???? Yikes, I'll come over and help look for. No one should ever loose yarn.

missing yarn

I am missing yarn. the yarn that I purchased from the yarnery is awol. I shall have to look for it tomorrow after my medical procedure (not surgery).
Thanks for being such great friends, and providing my family with food while I will not be able to use my right hand for a bit of time.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Second Try

Ok, CB we had to rip out the cardigan, but I cast it on a 2nd time. I have knit 14 rows and so far so good. You can see the "v" coming for the sleeves. It is cool. This sweater will take a while to knit on a size 6 needle, an hours worth of knitting and I have maybe an inch!

Group Entry Minus AJ

AJ's at the Packer Game instead of swifting. So we will have to swift again another time. Nancy's swifting her beautiful yarn for her Samus sweater and some other gorgeous stuff she picked up. Cindy started her top down cardigan, and I have mine with me. I have cast on twice now . . . let's hope it works this time. CT and I agree, you should not have to M1 on the cast on row, it leaves a hole!

Nancy has surgery on Tuesday and Ron has surgery on Thursday, busy week for the guild. I will be knitting on the hospital on Thursday, after that I am not sure how much I will get done.

It's swifting day!!

Yeah, the Guild meets today. I feel slightly guilty about dashing out of here for the meeting today. I did not get home from Marit's basketball tournament until 8:30 last night. But I am attending the meeting.

So I was knitting away on my multi-directional scarf. The yarn is a beautiful yarn to work with, 50% Merino Wool and 50% Mohair. It is not pooling very well, but the colors are beautiful. Anyway, back to my point. A fellow basketball mom tells me I have to walk over to the Ben Franklin, it is going out of business, all thier yarn is 50% off. I said....is it acrylic? Yikes! I have become a yarn snob!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I agree, is it swifting time yet? Even though I had to work only 1/2 days, I am ready for the Guild to meet. I think I like the meeting part as much as the knitting part. My socks.....well lets just say I hope they turn out, now the multidirectional scarf, there is a project. I am mad at myself for thinking it was harder than it is.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is it swifting time yet???

The guild meeting seems like it is simply ages away. I need to decompress. Watching the swift turn round and round will have a soothing, hypnotic effect on my soul. I have not touched to dreaded fairaisle mitten, or my lace scarf. But my sock and I are very happy. Football socks most definitely. The colors are beautiful, shades of grape, purple, lavender and a really shocking coral color. These are not going to be a gift. For me and me alone.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good Morning Girls

I was going to post early at home. Computer issues. It seems some at my home has downloaded something unseemly and now my computer is infected. So while getting ready for work I was wrestling with the computer. Grrrr. I wanted to post a photo of my socks but I didn't even pick up my knitting.

So I came into work early today to do some video work for MJ. Then we have staff meeting, funeral, and a staff lunch, followed by a football game.

After this week hopefully things will be normal for a week. Okay, okay, a few days anyway. On the heels of football and volleyball finishing comes Ron's surgery. No rest for the wicked???? Apparently I am a very, very bad person. See you soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

We have our own Blog!

Set up in secret at home! As you can see I have added your projects on the side bar. I will give you the password and if you could log on at least once a month and add an entry . . . that would be sweet! Let me know what you think. Or I could trash the whole thing . . . ;-)