Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where is the camera?

Yes it has been a very long time. And I have all kinds of knitting to show you and I can't take any photos! Argh!

  • One jacket needs to be blocked

  • One top down alpaca sweater needs to be blocked

  • Two top down baby sweaters, needs buttons and to be blocked

  • Three Spirit Scarves COMPLETE

  • One pair of socks

    Heaven help me, I am going to look for the camera

  • Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Who knew?

    It all started at 1 am on Friday morning, MMT woke me up with a bad stomach ache. I told her take 2 ibuprofen and some Tums and it would be fine. At 3am the husband and I both awoke to the terrible sounds of MMT being violently ill. We got the situation contained and went back to bed, only to go through it all again 20 minutes later. This continued on and on and on and on. It was awful. At 4:30 am MMT went downstairs (how she had the strength I don't know) to check WEB MD, convinced she had appendicitis. She continued in her miserable state downstairs from that point on, at 5:30am she was a wreck, I was a wreck and the situation was deteriorating rapidly. At 6am I called her swim team carpool to them the that MMT had the flu and would not be needing a ride to swim practice that morning. She stopped throwing up around 10 am and was finally able to take a short nap. She was unable to eat even a cracker or much more than a sip of water. The day progressed, she did not throw up, but spiked a low grade fever and her pain was increasing, at 5:30 I checked WebMD for appendicitis. She had all the classic symptoms. I said "let's wait for dad" . Dad came home at 6:30pm with a pizza for dinner. At that time I caved and called Urgent Care, the nurse, said, "go to the ER, that sounds like appendicitis". So after I had a couple of pieces of pizza (don't want to be hungry and crabby at the ER) we headed to Luther. By 8pm, after the doctor exam, she started drinking the dye for her CAT scan. 9pm off to CAT scan. 9:30 back to room 9 (of the newly built Menard ER at Luther--oh baby, very nice!). As we passed the ER doc, she says to me "her white count is through the roof, I think it is her appendix. 9:35 CAT scan results are uploaded, guess what?!?! Appendicitis. By 10 pm we had met with the surgeon (it was his 2nd appendix of the night) . By 10:30 she was in surgery.
    The doctor spoke with us about midnight and said for some one whose attack started less that 24 hours earlier, her appendix was in bad shape. Dad stayed in the room with MMT I came home to catch a few hours of sleep with the dogs. Driving down Water Street at bar time is a real experience!
    She was released from Luther about 2pm today, and is now resting comfortably in the recliner.

    Who knew???? MMT knew!!!