Monday, October 29, 2007

Princess Half-done

I think I need a new Indian knitting name. Princess half-done. My half sweater is half done (or does that really mean 1/4 done?) My socks for the KAL are half done. Perhaps someone with one arm and one leg will enjoy them?? My papers that need to be graded are half done. My laundry is half done (only because I had to go back and re wash what I had already washed-so should count for all done) But, the porch is DONE! Done I say, trim and all! I foresee many Guild events in the porch next summer. Guild meetings, ribs and porn nights, mojito knitting sessions, oh the possibilities are endless.
As for the trip to Chippewa Falls on Saturday, it was a great little yarn shop, of course they had my favorite Kathmandu! I really wanted to by some bulky alpaca (ASJ and I want Alpacas for Christmas--hint hint). Lunch at Lucy's Deli was very tasty, I am thinking a few short yarn hops for the Guild this winter.

I am really excited for Saturday, yarn shopping and lunching with my favorite buddies. I can hardly wait. Starbucks (by Shopko) 8am for coffee and on the road by 8:30? Roberts, Yarnery, Borialis Knits and 3 Kittens? Lunch, we can't forget lunch (NK and I have already decided to share again)! Call me if you want Guild pick up service.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Four Highschool Seniors does not lend it self to Blogging or Knitting

Or "this is our excuse for dropping the blogging ball." We have all be negligent. But each of has a senior, three of the four were involved in fall sports. Then CT and I were the co chairs for the Pasta Football Feeds (there were eight), and thank God they are over. There has been little time for knitting or blogging. I have finished my socks for the KAL. I have not posted their photo as of yet, but they are complete!

November 3 we boogie to the cities for the day for some much needed "guild" time, yarn shopping and our favorite restaurant. Not coming soon enough. Actually considering I just spent a small fortune on The Boy’s photo’s (he is totally gorgeous), I am shocked I have any money at all for yarn.

I haven’t really started any BIG projects, mostly small, socks, mittens, scarves. Although I do have the Interweave pattern for that totally cool shawl (I am contemplating it). CT had to knit with really bad yarn (ask her about it) and now that same person wants her knit to knit more with the really bad yarn. NK is almost done with her sweater (Chief Half Sweater). And if you read ASJ's entry, she is up to her eyeballs in scarves!

Tomorrow evening we have "Purly Gates" ASJ and I have taken that group on with the support of CT and NK (NK even volunteered to bring the treats). Thank you! It was one of those groups at our church that would have fallen by the wayside with the resignation of our "Yarn Teacher" Pastor. And the ladies in the group did not want to disband, so we did the honorable thing, took a step forward, and said sure. We can do this. Sit and knit. No problem.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Socks,Scarves, and more Scarves

So, as I participate in the sock knit-along, I realize that I'm just not a huge fan of knitting socks. It's tough to not like knitting socks. I love sock yarn, I realize the portability factor of the sock-in-progress, but I have to admit, I haven't found CB's passion for socks. Not even a partial passion. Mittens are ok, I dig the felted stuff, but I haven't completely found my knitting niche.........or is that knitting kniche? Until now. At this moment in time, I'm a scarf knitter. One of the reasons I like scarves is that one size fits all (or most, anyway), so I'm not relegated to the infernal knit-and-rip for which I'm so famous. Also, it seems to go well with my a.d.d. knitting style. So, this past week, I spent all my knitting time making scarves. I have now completed 6 scarves since August, and I have 3 more cast on, just waiting for the right moment (I have to be in a scarf mood) for me complete them. The scarves are being knit for the "Scarf Project", a community event which calls on people to knit scarves which are distributed to the Cancer Centers in town. The scarves are then given to people undergoing cancer treatment. The nurses bring the container of scarves into the chemotheraphy rooms, so that patients can select their own scarves. My mother-in-law received a scarf last year, and she told me that it warmed much more than her neck - it warmed her soul. Previously, I didn't much enjoy knitting scarves, since I found them to be a little, well, boring. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the fritzy (that's a technical term) yarns. In my "adventures with knitting", after I graduated from scarves into other, more interesting knitting patterns, I haven't truly enjoyed knitting scarves, until now. Now, with each scarf I knit, I pay tribute to my special friend who died of cancer last February. Just like with prayer shawls, I feel like I am knitting a piece of her spirit into each stitch, as I pray that these scarves will bring some comfort and joy into the lives of the cancer patient who receives the scarf. Things do change, don't they? I'm sure I'll be sick of scarf knitting soon, but it's good therapy for me now. Knitting warms the knitter as well as the "knittee" (that's another technical term).

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Princess GBT

Again another trip to Houghton. I swore off that drive in August when I moved her up to da UP. But, MMT and I went up for MTU Homecoming and our Princess Picksnclicks is still our little princess. The day was cold, rainy, foggy and down right nasty. I felt sorry for her out there in the dress and heels for the coronation. The beauty of being the princess (they actually said her name as princess, although she has always been a princess to me), she got to leave right after half time, the King and Queen had to stay. Excellent planning on her part.

MMT and I survived the trip, I did have to stop on the way home for ice cream, she could not take the car another minute. We did not get to the little yarn store yesterday, so my knitting fix had to come from working on my sock in the hotel last night and this morning.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Did it Again!

Yes, I did it again! I knit 2 Right hand mittens! Can you believe it! One would think a person could learn from previous mistakes, but apparently, there is no extra room for growth in this sad and sorry brain. For a brief moment, I thought of ripping out the second rh mitten, but I am so trying to get a new knitting name.........not being very successful am I? So, now I have 2 right hand fair isle mittens, and no left hand mittens, and I have run out of white Cascade 220, with lys having none in stock. Anyone up for a quick trip to Roberts? I do like the Cascade 220 for the fair isle mittens, as it knits a more substantial mitten, and is a bit larger. But, being a proficient right hand mitten knitter (or knitten mitter), does have its challenges, namely that I now need to find friends who have only right hands.