Sunday, April 01, 2007

To knit or eat bread with cheese?

While lunching at Cafe Latte on Saturday with the Guild the discussion came up. (CB and I were sharing the salad sampler and spead platter--yum!) As we discussed, planned and dreamed of our trip to the Island, the dicussion turned from knitting ( fav topic #1) to food ( fav topic #2). We came to the conclusion that what more in life do you need than knitting, cheese and bread? We could survive on the Island for weeks if we had both. Also, you can participate in both activities at the same time (unlike knitting and drinking!).
As for knitting, the green top down is done. I cheated and wore it to church today even though it is not blocked. But I wanted to wear it once before the weather turned nice (spring is coming right?). I did not cast on the mittens I need to make for a friend at school, but I did cast on a top down baby sweater. It is making me wonder, why don't we just knit baby stuff? I am on my 2nd ball of yarn, the sweater is 1/2 done and who cares if it is running big, babies grow! How fun is that?
I pulled out my new sock yarn and I am again optimistic that I can become a sock knitter.

The husband worked on the bathroom most of the day, the walls are now textured and ready for primer. The cabinets are here and beautiful, the tops, are not. This week we are planning to prime and paint. Wish us luck!


CB said...

CT your green top was beautiful! And I totally agree on our favorite topics. I totally believe that you are a wonderful sock knitter. And I am sure that Koigu you bought is going to knit up beautifully. Good luck on your home improvement project!

Jane said...

CT I thought your sweater was lovely! I wish I had time to speak with you rather than hit you and run on by. I think you gals forgot one more item for your island trip...WINE. Food has no calories when eaten with wine and all knitted objects are perfect when viewed through a wine glass. As far as I'm concerned, you can wear your sweater all year! You go girl. J

GBT said...

Good job mom on finishing the sweater!!! I can't wait to see in when I am home in a little bit over one month!! yay!!