Sunday, April 22, 2007

The BIG day

Ok, so the big wedding is over, what a weekend it was!
Friday night the rehearsal dinner went great, we went to Deb's about 5 and got everything started. We had the Nescos all fired up and we were hitting on all cylinders. We served about 37 people including us, the 1.5 rule led to a fair amount of food left over, but better to have too much than run out. We got lots of compliments and no one developed stomach cramps, so it must have been ok.
The big day arrived and what a day it was. I got MMT off to ref her soccer games and I prepared myself for my 10:00 manicure. Meanwhile, the husband found a car he thought was suitable for GBT, so he spent his morning test driving and researching. After my mani, I wanted to take MMT to get her mani and pedicure at the joint by Borders (she missed hers on Thursday because of the whole urgent care visit). It is at that point the boy (hewhoskipsschool---another story entirely) wants (yep I typed an S) to go shopping for shorts for the summer. What now? MMT and I need to prep for big wedding. I dropped MMT off, paid for her manicure and pedicure, zipped out to the dealership to sign off on the new used car purchase for GBT and then back to Kohl's. By this time, MMT is nearly done, the boy assures me it will take him 5 minutes. Yikes, his 5 minute trip was actually 24 minutes. He got 4 pair of shorts and 8 shirts in 24 minutes, which is something like 1 item every 2 minutes, which on any other day would be impressive, but not on the day of the big wedding. Anyway, $127.00 later we are trying to find MMT to pick her up, after wandering and waiting, she decided to call her dad to rescue her!
Once I was home again I remembered that MMT wanted me to sew fake ribbon straps to her dress, so off to Thompson's True Value (one stop shopping). At 2:30 I am sewing the fake straps on her dress, at 3 I begin the process of beautifying for the big wedding. At 3:3o after ransacking my jewelry box (that is a totally misnomer--should be junk box) I realize I have nothing that really will match the new dress, I never did get out to buy new jewelry. This was a problem. The husband convinced me to wear a blue topaz necklace he gave me and in my mind it was green.
Onward to makeup. Remember we are in the middle of a very long drawn out bathroom remodel. The countertop is lost (again another long story) so our bathroom is a wreck at best. The mirror is an old 8 x 10 mirror the husband had in his college dorm room. And I am supposed to beautify with that! I pulled what little make up I own together to see what could be done. I have 4 things of concealer, but not a speck of mascara or lip stick. What grown woman does not own a tube of lipstick? I did the best I could and hoped no one took my picture.
I grabbed my new green shoes and downstairs I went to rally the troops to make sure we are in the car headed for church by 3:40. I slipped my right shoe on, then my left. Yikes! My right shoe is an 8 1/2 and the left an 8. In my haste on Tuesday to buy shoes and get to my tanning, I only tried on the right shoe. I gimped (or should I say limped) through the wedding (thank goodness for Lutheran weddings--22 minutes) and on our way to the reception we stopped and I exchanged my 8 for and 8 1/2.
The reception was beautiful and the food delicious, the only thing, they had the AC on, so it was warmer outside than in, so no one wanted to go inside, we all huddled outside for warmth. We danced a bit, and had a fun time, we were home by midnight. But now my big day is over, other than the Island, I have nothing to look forward to. Since I drained the savings account on a new dress, shoes, tanning, pedicure and manicure, I won't have very much money for yarn for the Island, but somehow, I think if I get into my stash, I will have enough for the trip.
Oh, this is a knitting blog, now that the big wedding is over I can get back to knitting. Speaking of which, I think I will do that now.

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CB said...

Oh my what a wonderful blog! Loved it. Glad you are back on track for knitting! :-)