Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I won!

Whew, it was rough, but I wrestled the computer away from the boy long enough to check the blog! Yeah me!
We have a wedding on April 21, let me tell you getting the old body in shape for this wedding is a lot of work. First there was the quest for the dress. I am caught in this nexus zone. I am not young (at heart maybe with a little help from Clairol) and I am not in a wheelchair, so finding a dress was nearly impossible. I complicated the issue by buying a dress that was slightly too small, thus adding the pressure of losing a few pound before the wedding. (Goal accomplished!)
Next I had to find shoes, not too high, not too casual, not too expensive. After 3 stops, that mission as too been accomplised. Onward to handbags. Finding a handbag to match the shoes. Yikes. $28.00 I don't spend $28 on a handbag I use every day! Next stop??? Jewelry. Again, something that looks nice and does not cost an arm and a leg and will match the dress and shoes. I don't think I am cut out for all this.
The worst part is getting the old bod in shape for this affair. In addition to the weight problem, I felt the need to tan so I don't look like a dead smelt that washed up on the Lake Superior shore line. So 3 times per week for the last 2 weeks (and until the 20th) I have to shelp myself to tan. I had my hair cut, I will save some dough this weekend and color it myself. I still have to get my pedicure and manicure before the wedding (the appointments are all ready made). This is worse that the stinking prom!!!
Did I mention that daughter #2 needed a dress for said wedding? That is a story in itself. For all I know, the boy and the husband will arrive at the wedding naked. I have spent all my energy and the family savings on getting myself ready!
Knitting, who has time for knitting when we are at t-2 weeks to the wedding!


CB said...

Good for you. I hope you didn't leave any bruises on the poor thing! Ahhh, the Wedding. I can't wait to see you. I will be in the back hiding in the booth. Plus you lost weight to fit into the dress. Wow. No one will care what the rest of the family is wearing because they will be looking at how stunning you are! :-)

J said...

You go girl! I laughed myself silly reading this post. Have fun at the wedding...you will look wonderful! If the rest of the family is naked, they won't clash with what you are wearing....J