Thursday, April 26, 2007

Captain No Fun

Yep, that would be me, Captain No Fun. We went to Action City last night for the end of year party for Club 78 and I knit. I worked on my mittens for almost 45 minutes before and I worked on them there. Everyone else was dashing from the go carts to the bumper cars, but not me. I don't know why, but I just have no interest in those type activities. Strange I know.
I am glad I have the mittens well in hand (oops, no pun intended). I have the thumbs to finish this weekend, that does not take long, so I will be able to deliver them on Monday. Happiness and joy. Perhaps this weekend I can finish up the baby sweater too. 2 of my knitters at school are making the top down baby sweater and loving it. They are excited to move on to bigger projects! Little do they know you knit the baby sweater on a 9 and an adult sweater on a 6. Won't they be surprised!
We have our last middle school band concert tonight, it is bittersweet. But it seems that all of my children lack a certain amount of talent in the musical department.
Onward to the thumbs, I can probably get one done before the concert!

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GBT said...

Regarding the "lack certaion musical talent" comment...
If you want I can quit Engineering school to be a traveling musician or a vocal performance major....or perhaps I can aspire to be a High School Band Director! Oh! If only I had excelled in middle school music instead of math! Woe is me! Sorry to be such a disappointment mother...