Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Camera Out of Commission

Thank God for CT. Otherwise the Chicks would be "blogless." A little too overwhelmed to blog and the camera is not working correctly. For whatever reason. It appears I can view the photos on the stick, but to actually take a photo, all I see is black with some lines running thru it.
On to the knitting front. The dreaded "Pink Cardigan" is complete. Ends woven in and blocked last Thursday, so The Girl could wear it on Friday evening to the "Fine" concert (who were very fine by the way). On Friday ASJ said I could not complain about the yarn anymore because The Girl looked beautiful in it (I do concur). The Girl is a touch Bohemian, as is the sweater. Wish I had a photo! She also wore it to church on Sunday, and to school yesterday. Here is the kicker.

The Girl "It is so beautiful Mom."
The Mom "Yes it is, I am so glad you like it."
The Girl "It looks like a really expensive sweater you would buy at a store."
The Mom "Really, I am so glad you are over the moon with it."
The Girl "It looks like it would cost at least $50 in a store."
The Mom . . . speechless (not necessary in a good way)

On the needles. Claudia Handpaint sock yarn "Story Days. Pattern from my Interweave Sock Book, Cable Rib Socks, by Erica Alexander. The leg and instep of these socks are ribbed and decorated with a single cable at each side. I Love This Pattern!

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CT said...

I agree, the sweater is beautiful. I have sweater envy. I like Kathmandu yarn, but I love silky look of your sweater more. You are a master knitter!!
Onward to the Island projects!