Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lock me up and throw away the key!

When the men with white coats show up to take me away, I will go quietly, I promise.

When I was leaving for work on Friday morning I noticed a package in front of the garage. The Fed Ex man had been here some time on Thursday, we were all too busy with Renaissance at South to realize there was a package outside all night. Inside the box was MMT's dress for the big wedding. So last night she tried it on, it was TOO SMALL. The whole reason we paid $9 to have it shipped here from Green Bay was fact that the 3 was too small and the 7 too big. The 5 was so tight I could not zip it!!! What is up with that? So today after the Farmers Market (with CB) MMT and I trekked off to the mall to return the dress. Just to humor myself I held the 3 and 5 together, they were the same exact size. The sales clerk was like "wow" here is your money back. Sorry. Sheesh give me a break. After a brief yelling match between MMT and I, I convinced her we needed to venture back into the scary mall and find her a dress. She went, not willingly, but she went.
We found a HUGE sale at JC Penney's. All dresses 50% off. Lo and behold we BOTH found dresses! Now this presents a big problem. Remember I all ready have a dress that I have bought matching shoes and jewelry and lost weight to fit into. Yep, I am completely insane. But in my defense, the new dress has green in it!!! :)
Now I have to dash off to Payless and find new shoes and hand bag. (I suppose I probably should not tell you that I took back the original jewelry and handbag before I found the new dress.) It is my hope that the Guild will adhere to our bylaws and visit the crazy member in the funny farm.

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CB said...

Okay, I know I left a message on this thing. Where did it disappear to?

I will not only visit you at the funny farm, I volunteer to be locked in with you.

And I totally understand the green thing. All dresses should have green in them! Can't wait to see the ensemble on Saturday!