Thursday, April 19, 2007


Here we are T-2 and counting for the big wedding. I got different shoes and my current handbag matches fine, so that is done. I tanned and booked my final appointment. I paid a sinful amount of money for the greatest pedicure I have ever had. All systems are go.
Until today.
Yep, I got the call every mother dreads. Hi, this is south middle school, your daughter MMT has been injured and will need stitches. Now! Today, you don't understand, I have a tanning appointment and 12 racks of ribs waiting to be baked.
So off we go to urgent care, 1 hour and 20 minutes later her knee is cleaned and bandaged. Stitches were necessary, but given the location of the wound, not an option. So we are bandaged and going to have a nasty scar (scars actually) on her knee. Just in time to wear a dress to the big wedding. Neat.

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CB said...

What! So both you and AJ were the the hospital/Urgent Care last night. WOW . . . I think I need to wrap my family in bubble wrap. It does not bode well.

Hope MMT is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you on the BIG DAY! BTW your tan is awesome looking. I am so jealous!