Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Week + A Cold = No knitting

or ( = Knitting + Errors)
or (= Knitting +/= Bad Judgement)

Holy Week (I work for a church) plus a cold (first one all season long, figures it would come Holy Week). Not ideal knitting circumstances. Okay I did not take Nyquil and knit. That is just a bad combination. Not unlike knitting and margaritas, and we all remember how that turned out. Also, I did not attempt to knit on the dreaded pink cardigan, (so far so good, I am closing in on finishing that puppy off and I do not want to mess it up now). So I decided I needed to knit something. Felted bag for the island . . . because we are going to practice needle felting. I looked at the pattern, thought it seemed a little too small, I will make it bigger. This where I think my whole problem started. I cast on way too many stitches. And now after knitting approximately at least 8 to 10 inches, I have decided that I was delusional with a high fever with how many stitches I needed. No black hole here (refer to Harlot Book). So now I am going to have to rip the whole bloody thing. Either that or felt a bag large enough to be a bed for Miss Sadie. There is not enough hot water in the world to felt it down. Next cold, no knitting at all.

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CT said...

CB I feel so bad for you, I hate being sick, I hope it is not the death virus. Good call on not knitting on cold meds, just rest and take care of yourself.