Monday, April 23, 2007

Caught in the act!

Can you even believe this one! I sometimes sneak and check the blog at school. I do not post, but sometimes I would check it to see if anyone had posted. One day last week out of sheer boredom, I logged on and posted a comment. Now the blog is blocked to me at work. How in this age of all sorts of computer issues could they catch me so fast? Now I have to wait until I get home to check the blog. :(

On the knitting front, I am through the thumb on the LEFT mitten (and I did indeed make a left mitten) and on the palm. If I work hard tonight after I walk the dogs I may get these mittens done so I can move onto something else soon.

Island Planning (food): The husband has graciously agreed to make his braised ribs for the Island, I think in the salad front I may try to make (his) chicken tortellini salad. I also have a chipotle spread I plan to bring!

Island Planning (knitting/yarn): ASJ we need to get together and order our yarn!


Anonymous said...

How long can we wait (so we have more money), but still have enough time to get the yarn pre-island??? Of course, I could still be knitting on the dreaded size 6 needles, and need no further projects! asj

CT said...

ASJ: If we order from Royal Yarns international, the Galway is $5.99 per skein (plus shipping) The vest takes 750 yards for an Xsmall and 835 for a medium. The Galway Bulky has 123 yards/skein. So you need 6.o9 skeins and I need 7. That will cost $ 42.00 each. If we ship it to one address, that will save and if we used the same color, we could get by with 13 skeins instead of 14. Let me know.