Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is done!!!

I have made it past Easter and the Easter Brunch for one more year. Really is not that hard, just difficult to judge as to how many people will be present to eat our meal. The kids worked hard and was nice to have my girls KMK, KAK, and SSK there to help me out and do it willingly. I am really lucky to have them. After Easter dinner KMK and her boyfriend emptied the dishwasher for me. Then I went and took a nap. When I got up and went to the kitchen the dishwasher was loaded with all the dirty dishes and was all cleaned up. KMK went to a movie and they came back with a big bag of movie popcorn for me. What a way to suck up to the girlfriends mom. There is nothing better than movie popcorn!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and the easter bunny brought lots of goodies!!!

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CB said...

Yeah the Easter Brunch is done, along with Lent and Easter Sunday. Now only three more confirmations to go. I feel like the little engine that could. Glad the girls were there for you. And thank those girls for being there for me!