Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh Oh

I dropped by YD today to pick up prayer shawl yarn for the church. Out came Guild Friend the extraordinary J.O. She very politely inquired if I had my next project picked out for the next snow storm. Hmm . . . nope! Then as I drove back to work, I went over projects in my mind, that I have (there could be a problem here). I think that cities trip cannot come fast enough! (Check it out. It’s rescheduled). I really think the yarn in the picture is koigu, waiting for me.

So should I get snowed in on Thursday and Friday (beautiful dreamer) I will knit on the salmon pink cardigan (I have shamelessly decided to modify it yet again and then foist it on a relative), baby booties (I know lots’ of babies, so I am using leftover yarn for booties), my Fair Isle mitten (slow but sure progress, not nearly as nice at CT's).

We shall also keep NK and Dr. D in our prayers as they travel to Mad City with teenagers galore to the state hockey tournament (travel between the storms safely). Storm warnings from Wednesday 6:00 p.m. until Friday 6:00 p.m. there is supposed to be a break in the storm on Thursday before the second storm hits (the second one is supposed to be worse). Then they can come back on Saturday safe and sound.

If you have read the Harlot lately, you read about the "Thunder Snow" (we had some on Friday night) and that someone had been emailing her grammar corrections for her blog, yeah, apparently this person needs a hobby. Hear me know, if someone ever sends corrections to the guild, we will find you.

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