Sunday, February 04, 2007

Advice Taken

Burr, the only worthy activity when it is this cold is knitting. Even though we hosted the conference party for the swim team last night, I had a lot of time for knitting so far this weekend. Friday MMT and I baked all the bars, then I snuggled up with a bad movie and knit. Saturday I purchased yet more storage containers for my yarn, organized it and got excited for the Island. I grabbed my top down V neck for the swim meet. I was able to knit almost a whole skein at the swim meet. Following the party, MMT and I watched a movie upstairs and I knit on my mittens. I am to the right thumb. So for a busy weekend, I have found a lot of time to knit! Yeah!
CB, I hope Boy #1 is better! NK thanks for the chairs.
Top down V neck update: I took it off the needle and doggoneit, if it is not too big. What is it with these top down patterns? I am working the directions for the small, and it is still big. I am going to put it aside until the next Guild meeting.
Top down V neck updated #2: I have decided to rip it back to the underarms and reduce the number of stitches around. I have plenty of time today (no school-wow) and ASJ had some good advice yesterday (she did not know she was giving me advice). She said she rips and re-works it until she gets it right. And she is right. So today, I shall rip.

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