Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thursday of a 4 day work week and I am really looking forward to the weekend and some serious knitting time. Judging from the lack of emails between Guild members, we are all busy and looking forward to the weekend. The cold snap made the week seem even longer (even though I got an unexpected day off). Yesterday I decided it was warm enough ( a whopping 9 degrees) to take the dogs for a walk. What a bad idea that was, not only did I freeze for 20 minutes outside, but I wasted another 20 minutes trying to warm up, so a total of 40 minutes I could have been knitting was wasted! Today, I spent 45 minutes waiting at the repair shop for the boy's car (not even my own!). Again, quality knitting time wasted (of course if I had planned ahead, I would have brought my knitting). Tonight, some quality knitting time. That is my plan, although I have to deal with a very depressed daughter. MMT has her heart set on Wii, but there are none to be found.
Green V neck top down update: I took it off the needle last night and tried it on again, it fits fine. I took 10 stitches out! Either I don't fully understand gauge or the patterns are just big.
MHS Knitters Update: The girls from Thailand are working on their purses, so far so good. They all knit so very tight. The one girl who started the multidirectional scarf, put it down and forgot how to knit in the front and the back. A couple of other members are working on learning to knit on the diagonal, so each is making progress. We continue to have good attendance, which is wonderful.
AJ: We will pray for Shelly, may the Lord keep her and her family safe.

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CB said...

Amen. Time? What time? Tonight is Parent Teacher Conferences for Boy V2 and Girl V1. No knitting for me. In the mean time, I must clean the entire house before Saturday morning, and grocery shop before company arrives. And while we are at it can we just skip Lent? I would appreciate that.

CT, hope you get some quality knitting done. Stay in no dog walking. Glad the MHS knitters are doing well! Yeah team.

ASJ, ditto. We will keep Shelly and her family & friends in our prayers.