Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From the Knitting Activities Director

Wow, that will teach me to miss a meeting! So, may I most humbly ask, is anyone willing to drive? Much to my embarrassment I have not driven in the cities all that often I am not all that familiar with the lay of the land . . . let me know on the QT. I vote the cafe next to the Yarnery for lunch. Or CT mentioned a place last time we were in the cities. Started with a "C" I think. Ice cream, any place ASJ wants to stop for ice cream is fine with me. I plan on buying much Koigu and size 0 needles. I think I need smaller for the socks.
Hopefully I will get a decent nights sleep before we leave. Hot flashes in numbers of five and higher a night are making me tired. And I am currently experiencing one right now. Well I am off. Much to do . . . see you tomorrow night!
P.S. They are now predicting 70% chance of snow/rain on Saturday!

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CT said...

Hey, CB, with today's developments, if we still go, I can certainly drive, but I know NK will offer too. We can talk tonight at church or tomorrow at Purly Gates.