Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow, Snow and more snow

The plow finally came by, of course it was after I got home from church. The bank left by the snowplow was waist high, I felt bad for anyone who did not have one of those great big snow blowers. This was a weekend for a big snow blower. I did discover while helping the boy and the husband snowblow, that I, the mitten knitter of the guild, lacks mittens. I have knit how many pairs of mittens for other people and the only ones I have the first pair of felted mittens Pastor Mary helped us make. Yikes. So with the snow I had a good excuse to knit (until my arm hurt). After a consult with CB, I cast on a pair of color block mittens. The cuff is gray (very CT) the palm is pink and the top green. MMT says they look cool. I don't care, I will have a good pair of mittens that I know are mine! Also, due to the snow, I spent a fair amount of time on the top down green sweater. I am now pretty confident I have enough yarn to finish it.

I am excited about church on Wednesday night, we get to go to Culver's for a Guild celebration of CB's birthday. The off to hockey state for NK and a whole bunch of teenagers, I hope she does not have to invoke the 20 foot rule with my son!!!!

Have a great week Guild girls.

ASJ: The smile sweater was beautiful!!!! You are a master knitter!

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