Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today I leave for madtown with the teenage girls in tow. Do I really want to do this. Yes, if I don't they will drive themselves down in sleet, snow and blizzard conditions (so say the weathermen). I am bringing lots of things to finish up, 2 different socks, mulitdirectional scarf, and lace shawl. May have time to finish one of the items.

Hope we do not get stranded in the car but if we do I will have something to work on and will bring along some provisions also.

Had a great time last night celebrating the birthday of CB. I think that we should have a birthday every month. We should be able to think of something to celebrate every month.

See everyone when I return. I will try not to get the 20 foot rule in effect except for my own children.

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CB said...

Please, please travel carefully. I will be praying all afternoon that you all arrive safe and sound!