Monday, February 05, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Wow, what a shock. A cold day. And cold it was. MMT and I ran errands around 10:30 this morning (that was crack of dawn for a 14 year old with an unexpected day off from school). Burrr, too cold to even think about anything but the few stops on my list. I spent my day rewarding myself with knitting breaks, put laundry away, knit a bit, do dishes, knit a bit. You get the system. I ripped back the green top down V neck. I pulled it back at least 10 inches. I reknit about 1 inch. When I finish this ball of yarn I will try it on to see if I have the size right this time. I worked on my mittens, I am almost done with the right mitten. If (oh who am I kidding) when I knit after supper, I probably will get to the take down. I finally got rid of MMT (off to a friend's for the afternoon) and the boy (bowling) so I did enjoy about 1 hour of total peace and quiet on this "cold" day. Ah, but back to reality tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, my baby GBT will be 19. 19! That is like a grown up age! On the bright side, it will be a 4 day work week! And we are one week closer to our yarn adventure to the Cities.

BTW, I was reading the Harlot today, she had 194 comments. Wow! If 194 people commented, think of all that don't comment, but read (like me). She is very popular!

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CB said...

Ten inches!! Wow. I did knit last night, several rows. Didn't count them. Just kept knitting. I think I need to try it on and see how it fits. Yesterday sounded perfect CT. Except that going outside part! Talk to you soon.