Friday, February 16, 2007

Stop the merry go round, I want to get off

Whew, I survived the week. I was worried for a couple of days, I don't function well when I am out of the house in the evenings (and 4 in a row is my max). But I managed to make it through. My family and house survived also, the house is a disaster and the kids are looking forward to an actual meal, rather than something they wing together. It is sad to say, but I am looking forward to having a meal together. After standing in line last Sunday to get a Wii, MMT and ZJT (dad too) have really enjoyed the new toy. Dad ran to the Wallyworld and picked up a second controller and game pack, so now they have all sorts of games to play and they can play together--less fighting! (good for mom) I don't Wii, could cause an injury to my knitting arm you know.
I have barely gotten in any knitting time this week. I am struggling to finish the black and white mittens for Zeegs. If (and I mean if) I had time I knit my required 5 rows in an attempt to just push through. I have not touched the green top down v-neck all week.
The 3 day work week will keep me going next week, but in reality it will be the anticipation of the yarn adventure on Saturday. I am too excited just enjoy a day with the guild. I hope NK and ASJ make us giggle at least once!
CB-have fun at your parents!
NK-see you tomorrow for lunch and sewing--perhaps a little shopping too!
AJ-we are still praying for Shelly!

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