Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guild Meeting: Feb. 18, 2007

Guild Members NK (hostess) CT and ASJ met on Sunday, February, 18. As a majority of Guild members were present, discussion was held as to the Yarn Adventure scheduled for February 24th. After much discussion, the Guild members present decided to meet (or be dropped off) at the Starbucks by Shopko at 8:30 for coffee with a 9am (sharp) departure. The Guild voted to stop at Country Colors in Roberts promptly at 10am (when they open). The adventure will then continue on to The Yarnery in Cities. Discussion was not entertained as to where we would have lunch, our ice cream stop or who was driving. Which would be key in the whole drop off at Starbucks plan. Details will be ironed out this week by the Knitting Activities Director (CB-the only member not at this meeting). Discussion also became stalled when attending Guild members were too excited about the upcoming adventure to care what else we did next Saturday.

Knit to live and live to knit!!

Remember Purly Gates on Thursday night!


Nancy said...

I shall be waiting at Starbucks with my money clutched in my hands for yarn. I can not wait!!!! Just think a whole day of yarn and the touching of said yarn. I will try not to embarass the guild by dropping yarn and laughing uncontrolably in the stores. One never knows what the wool fibers will do to my brain, maybe will result in laughter and the ability to drop yarn and turn red at the same time.

CT said...

Oh but NK you have to drop yarn and make us giggle. That is one of the objectives of the trip! I agree, touching yarn and a whole day of yarn and the guild. I can't wait.
Finished those mittens last night. I got home from Guild and they were on the Wii, so I plopped down and knit. Now they are done. Yeah! Don't know what to cast on today, but it will be something!

GBT said...

Ohh goodness, I'm glad you guys are having fun and being so organized in your planning! Have fun!