Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hope you have a wonderful day indian princess pick n click. Hope the snow will not be to much touble for you....at least you can knit to keep warm!

I did not knit last night so am behind in my knitting 30 minutes a day but am putting a new item on my plate also. I can not start a new project until I get at least one or maybe two other projects done. We shall see how it goes.

Hope everyone is staying warm by knitting!

On Friday my eldest turns 18! Hard to believe that she was ever a little girl!


CT said...

Happy Birthday GBT!!!!
This is the first time I have not been with any of my children on their birthday. Yikes, one of us is getting old! Certainly not me, must be GBT---19!!!
Happy pre-birthday to K?K, now she does not have to listen to you anymore, because she is 18 and knows everything--just ask GBT:)

CB said...

Such a flurry of birthdays! The Boy Version One turned 17 on Monday. He thanked BK for his gift of no school.

Happy Birthday GBT and KK! May the Lord keep you safe and bless you richly in the coming year.

PS. I have knit 30 minutes for the last two nights! Unfortunately I spent a great deal of time fixing a dropped stitch in the garter stitch border. Grrrr.

GBT said...

Thanks guys!! Happy bday NK too!