Sunday, March 18, 2007

AJ saves the day!!!

Guild members take our guild membership seriously. Whether it be postponing a yarn trip so all can attend or taking one for a fellow guild member, we always put the guild first. Let me cite an example, today after CB, MB, RB and I (with help from ASJ) finished making the soup, I went to church only to have MMT shove a bulletin in my face that said: Reader: JT. JT!!!! He was playing hooky helping a friend move. I freaked out! FREAKED OUT!! (very similar to the Island snake experience--so AJ knew this was serious stuff.) I can not read or speak in front of a group. In my totaly panic I tried to find Pastor Jim, and I begged AJ to help me. Seeing the total panic on my face she said she would read the lesson. She calmly found Pastor Jim and a copy of the reading, while I stood there frantic. The lesson came and AJ read very smoothly all these big words like a total pro. I owe AJ big time.

Wednesday following the soup lunch the Guild will be checking out Country Colors in Roberts. All available Guild members are expected to attend.

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CB said...

That AJ, what a wonderful soul she is. Of course your other idiot friend could have mentioned to you that your husband was reading while she was making soup with you (but I digress).