Friday, March 30, 2007


I have been waiting patiently for my "wee" sock to come in the mail (for the most part I have been very patient). I did receive an email from my swap partner letting me know she was not in the continental United States so it would take a "wee" bit longer to get to me. So when I checked the mail today I found an envelope tucked in the mail for me! Fun mail. Not to be confused with junk mail or mail that decreases your yarn fund.

Check out the stamp . . . no wonder it took so bloody long. I don’t care who you are, mail from South Africa is a very cool thing! I did not rip it open while standing at the mailbox, but instead I walked calmly to the house. Let Miss Blue out. Sat down at the kitchen table and opened my mail from SOUTH AFRICA.

Can you even stand it . . .and it’s green! Apparently my swap partner is a physic knitter. Ladies meet Ruth! I am thinking it will make a lovely Christmas pin. Thank you so much Ruth. It really made my day. I love the colors. And when your husband is in Washington D.C. make sure Koigu is on the list for sock yarn. You will love it. This weekend on the yarn adventure Koigu is on the list as well as yarn for a top down hooded vest.

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