Thursday, March 15, 2007

Knitting Depression

I have been thinking about this and I think I have it. I have not seen a commercial on TV for some wonder drug to cure it, but nevertheless, I think that is what I have. I think this because my knitting is something like the time of year we are in. It is not winter (and I am sooo tired of winter) and it is not spring (although we get teased by Mr. Sun that it could be spring). In my knitting life, I am so tired of the green top down. I have come to the sad, but true conclusion, that I am going to run short of yarn. To that end, I have contacted Amazing Threads in the Cities to see if I can get some more. I have ripped out the black and white hat again, (this would be the 4th time). I seem to have the pattern right, I can't seem to get it big enough. So should I find a few spare minutes to knit, I am not at all excited to pick up my knitting to work on it. This week, just like last week, I have been out of the house more than I have been home. That really cuts into the knitting time and energy.
On a more positive, less woe is me note, it has been nice to have GBT (she who picks and clicks) home for the week. She has been working on a pillow for her sorority sister. She has created a really cool pillow thus demonstrating that she is a good knitter.
Next week while I am off school, perhaps I can get my knitting in order and finish something!

NK-have fun in Florida, say hi to Mickey, Minnie and I hope you don't have to employ the 20 foot rule.
CB and AJ we will have to have a guild meeting without her!

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CB said...

Me too! I did knit on that stinky cardigan last night. I also fear there is not enough yarn to complete it. Grrr. is all I can say. Look on the bright side CT. We have yarn trips planned for every month for the next four months!!!!